I actually like the veins !!?? How about you?

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How much love for the veins?

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. HATE IT!

  3. Love some minimal veining.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Dear all b-bag lovers. After spending the past two months pouring over all the b-bag photos in this forum, I realized i actually like the "veiny" leather!! :P :heart: OK, provided it's not ALL veins, I think the b-bag leathers have a really unique look to it with all the veining!! Am i weird to think that?:sad:

    I'm sure this is a personal preference we all have. Thanks for letting me share.

    Does anyone here like the veiny leather too? Chime in!

    Of course, to the vein-haters - feel free to shout "NO!!!" :yucky:
  2. I don't mind veins at all. Think it adds character to the bags. Leather isn't supposed to be perfect...
  3. No way. It's not weird at all. It's a personal preference. I personally like very smooth leather with as less veins as possible and don't like the big veins at all, but I can see why people like the veinier bags. They look marbeley and definitely add character to the bag!
  4. Veins add character to the bag. I actually love my veiny truffle more than my super smooth blueberry
  5. i think i'm okay with veins but i'd prefer that it looks more distressed than veiny.... :smile:
  6. I :heart: veins and in fact, my blueberry and emerald 06 are quite veiny...but I also like the smoother less veinier bags for different reasons, and would love to own a couple of non-veiny smooshier ones as well! So I guess I vote for veins, but love em both ways!
  7. I really do like the veins because they give the bags depth and caracter. But I like the leather to be at the same time thick and soft!
  8. I love the veins! :love: The veinier the better!
  9. i like veins. i dont care for the super smooth leather, the unique leather is ones of the things i like about balengiaga bags
  10. I dont mind it.
  11. I think it gives character to the bag, which is what I like about BBags. That everyone is different - shades of colours, veiny-ness etc :rolleyes:
  12. I like them! It gives the bag serious depth! And since most bbags are quite large and such simple shapes.. i think they really benifit some texture :yes:
  13. I don't like the large lumpy veins - so I generally prefer smoother leather, but I also love the "small veins" which give the bbags an awesome distressed look. Hope that makes sense...
  14. ITA:yes: