I actually got a PCE card!!!

  1. Wow.. I was not expecting this.. I was just going through the bills looking for the DISH bill and I saw this letter from coach addressed to LINDSEY QQUIN which is not my name but close to it.. sorta, in a way... (don't worry, no one could find me by this name, LOL!) I am so excited!!! I have to get something now! This card being spelled wrong just proves to me that they never get my name right at Coach, LOL!

    Was this card sent to outlet shoppers? I have shopped at the outlet a few times in the past 6 months and maybe THEY didn't get my name right.. oh well!

  2. Lucky!
  3. I got mine today too, so it kind of debunks the fact that these are being sent to outlet shoppers, I have never even been to a Coach outlet. I've made 2 purchases at the boutiques. I know just what I'm getting too :yahoo:
  4. Oh, yeah - this is the most random thing I've ever seen. I called my local Coach store and she says they are being very strict about this one because it's not a regular "event". I've been a loyal customer for years and have shopped mainly boutique stores but every now and then an outlet if I'm near one and I have NEVER gotten one of these. I have shoes, bags, wallets, ipod cases, cell cases, palm cases, more bags.... you get the picture;) I called customer service and they are basically clueless - they tell me a third party vendor takes care of this and all the data comes from the retail stores. Obviously, this data is very flawed from what we're seeing on this. The retail boutique did put a note in the computer so I'm now on the list to get the PCE - I'd advise everyone who is a boutique shopper to make sure they are in the correct database at the store level - I was getting the emails and catalogs (have for years), but for some reason wasn't on the PCE list.