I actually dreamed about an LV

  1. Ok, I'm afraid I'm losing it. Last night I had an actual dream about bags. My Mom and I were at at TJMaxx (of all places!) and they had a bunch of Coach and LV (as if that would ever happen). The prices were super low...like under $100. I couldn't decide between an LV wallet or a Coach satchel...but then I came across an LV shoulder bag for something like $60. I ended up getting all of them.

    So I woke up this morning actually believing that I had had gotten this new LV for practically NOTHING. I was literally disappointed as it slowly dawned on me that it was only a dream...

    I wonder if I need to get a life:roflmfao:
  2. Haha! Aw! Well, you are a true purse lover I'll say that, lol. I have never dreamed about purses but I know other members have. I think someone actually posted something about it earlier.
  3. hehehe. reminds me of the time i dreamt i was an LV VIP and they let me in after hours to shop to my heart's content. of course i had an unlimited amount of money. i was so sad when i woke up.

    if you need a life, so do i. :biggrin:
  4. So far I've dreamed of Chloe, Hermes and LV!
  5. Heh I had a similar dream a few nights ago but it was only LV. They were HANDING out bags to me and my mom. FREE LV! :shocked: I wanted to cry when I woke up :roflmfao:

    I also dreamt about the Stam, the Paddy and several times about Balenciagas..... :yes::lol:
  6. Maybe its a sign thats telling you to buy LV purses :P
  7. ^^^yes, that's it! A premonition that I will soon have my own LV! Unfortunately I probably won't be finding it at TJmaxx for sixty bucks...but a girl can dream...
  8. Dreams can come true in PF :graucho:
  9. Been there, done that!! :biggrin: I had a dream several years ago that I had the LV Ellipse backpack. I didn't even realize that I wanted it! I figured it was my subconcious trying to tell me something!!:yes:
  10. :amuse: i need a life too!!