I Achieved My Goal!

  1. For a few months I've been really wanting a Chanel. I've been bugging my parents for one and I've also studied the different types of Chanel bags out there.

    I went to Stanford Shopping Center to go to Neiman Marcus today with the intent of only browsing. I saw they had the bag I originally wanted which was the cotton club bowler but I tried it on and it didn't feel right on me.

    Then I saw they had a black PST. (I had gone to NM's 2 weeks ago and the only PST's they had were pink and beige. I asked for black and the SA said there wasn't any.)

    After looking and feeling out the black PST, it just felt so right to me so I pulled out the price tag and saw it was $1,095 which surprised me because from what I've read on here it's $1,150. Plus when I went to NM previously the SA told me it was $1,150 and there's rumors of it going up to $1,250. I asked the SA if it really was $1,095, so she scanned it and saw it was coming up as $1,150 but since it said $1,095 on the tag, she offered it to me for that price!

    I couldn't wait any longer and after lots of driving back and forth to the mall, my mom bought it for me!

    It feels so good to finally have something I've been wanting for a while and it feels good that I've earned it since this bag is my college graduation present and for being a Dean's scholar at school [​IMG] I just had to share my joy.
  2. well let's see it!!

  3. ooh congrats! you deserve it!!
  4. cool!!!! good to have a chanel with discount!!!!

  5. Congrats Jocelyn!!!
    First for being a Deans Scholar and college graduation... then... your first Chanel bag!!
    Enjoy your new bag and may this be the first of many Chanel bags that your "earn"~~
  6. congrats!!! glad you got it for the old price too!
  7. Lucky you got the lower price! Congratulations on your new Chanel, your graduation, and your awesome grades to be considered as a Dean's Scholar! You deserve this new Chanel for sure!!
  8. congrats!
  9. Congratulations! It's a beautiful, classic tote that I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of for years to come :smile:

  10. Congrats, I'd love to see modeling pics if you get a chance.
  11. Congratulations on both being a Dean's scholar and your new Chanel bag. You certainly deserve it!:yes:
  12. congrats and lets see it!! =)
  13. Congratulations on your great choice and your graduation!! :yahoo:
  14. Great choice! You just can't go wrong with either a PST or GST in black!!
  15. Congrats on your Dean Scholar, graduation, and first Chanel. Good choice and it's a pretty bag.