I accidentally won this mono Trouville on ebay today>>

  1. I've liked the mono Trouville for a while, but have never really considered buying it because there were other things higher on my list. Well, I saw one on eBay and just for fun, set up an esnipe for $380, thinking that it would never sell for that price. Well, the auction ended at $365, so I guess I'm the new owner of a Trouville. I'm still waiting for replies in the "Authenticate This" thread for confirmation on authenticity. Should I do anything to minimize the appearance of the little stain on the strip of vachetta? Babywipes or just leave it alone? Thanks!

  2. I'd say try Mr. Clean magic eraser! :yes: That's a good deal IMO! (Hope it's real!)
  3. That's a heck of deal! Congrats to you and it sure looks real to me!
  4. The bag looks great to me!!..
  5. woo, it looks very nice. I agree with berrycraig, Mr Clean will do. congrats!
  6. I was watching that beauty! Congratulations!!! You can try the eraser but I really think the stain is very little.
  7. I think the stain is neglible and makes up for the price!! :woohoo: congrats!!

    + be careful with Magic Eraser... the stuff dries up the leather a lot.
  8. great buy! congrats
  9. Fabulous buy on an authentic piece. Congrats! The others are right, M.E. should take care of it nicely.
  10. Great buy!

    I hope you find it to be authentic.
  11. Great buy! But ITA with everyone above- if you do use magic eraser be sure to use some kind of leather moisturizer so the leather won't dry out.
  12. How big is this bag in comparison to the Speedy?
  13. Trouville: 11.8"x 9.3"x 4.5"
    Speedy 30: 12" x 8" x 6.5"
    Speedy 25: 10" x 7" x 6"
  14. Congrats! I would use baby wipes because the Mr. Clean magic eraser dries out the leather a lot and you'd have to use a conditioner for it, I usually use Wilson's but it ends up darkening the vachetta. The stain looks small though, maybe you can leave it alone and it won't be noticeable after it patinas more?
  15. Nice bag, I think the stain is so tiny, should not do anything about it.