I accidentally told someone I liked their bag, which was FAKE.

  1. Yes... it's true. I recognized the style by Coach, and complimented it. No sooner had I finished my sentence and I could see something was way off-- and I'm not even an expert of any kind. I just knew. Lo and behold, I go on Coach.com just to make sure I'm not mistaken, and it was definitely a fake.

    Ahhh, I said nice bag to a fake :sad: Quick, get the holy water, lol.
  2. it's ok.. i've made that mistake to with a Chanel bag. The response I got from the lady was "Thanks. There's a lady that goes to my office every month and sells these bags for $40!" :wtf:
  3. I've done the same - also a fake Coach. It's not that all fakes look bad/fake unless you really know it's a fake.
  4. When I do stuff like this, I usually blame it on being drunk, even if I'm not. Don't worry, it happens to us all!
  5. It's not the end of the world. We can't be expected to be fake-spotting experts when it comes to every brand of bag.
  6. awww it's ok. some of the fakes are getting so good that you can't even tell they're fake until u look inside...
  7. What a rip-off. Every major city has at least one place where you can get fake Chanel bags for $9.99.

    Of course, the quality cannot compare to my $15 Authentic Inspired NotChanels with the little rhinestone X on the clasp. :graucho:
  8. I suppose we can't go up to the person and say, "I like this style but yours look off". I think it's okay to mistake it and the most we can do is simply walk away.
  9. I did that last week with a fake LV multicolore speedy. :yucky: Didn't realize it was (very obviously) fake til after I complimented the person carrying it.
  10. :smile:)) get the holy water...ahaha

    But really, if the bag was cute and the woman obviously knew it was a fake herself.....what's the harm. I don't care how old you are, who you are, we all love to get compliments don't we?

    If a sincere, sweet little kid holds up a drawing they did saying "Look what I made!!!" and it is all scribble scrabble, do we say "Nice colors but you've really got to get some pencil control or you're going nowhere.' Or do we say "Wow! You did alot of work on that! Are you just so proud? Do you love it?"

    Cuz it's not if WE love it, it's if THEY love it. And if someone can be happy with their fake little $40 Coach bag, I say, let 'em. Let them have their minute of joy that someone liked their little bag.

    I dunno.....maybe that's just me.:heart:
  11. Here's a good story along those lines:
    The other day I was at a seminar for work and a woman walks in late and sits in front of me. She was carrying a Prada but it looked unfamilair to me, but then again, I certainly don't know every style. So I was craning my neck for a better look (it was open and I was trying to peer inside to see the lining) but I was trying to be casual about it. But then my co-worker next to me leans ovr and whispered, "Yeah, it's fake." I guess I am not as subtle as I think, huh????
  12. Well, at least she didn't admit that it was a fake coach. I've met those who are so proud and happy they carry a fake LV, Coach,Prada, etc. that it makes me embarrassed! I admire that they are open about it, but at the same time, I rather not hear it or know their bag is fake.
  13. this reminds me of the fake speedy I saw in December.

    We were in Florence, Italy for the weekend and I'd already seen a lot of mono bags that day, I'd even seen some LE models. We went to the bar that evening and I saw a girl with a mono speedy 25. I'm not a big fan of monogram (I like the other LV lines more) but I was slowly being won over by the speedy 25's cuteness. I kep glancing at it all night, liking it more and more.

    At the end of the evening though, the owner was leaving and walked past us. Then I noticed that it was an obvious fake: the piping was in mono instead of vachetta!!
  14. Hah! That reminds me of a story, back in the day...
    My best friend and I took the eL to Chinatown, to go have lunch and poke around the shops. Joking, I said to her, "Make we can score some cheap, fake Fendi's from a street vendor."

    Get off the train, and start strolling down Wentworth, and there's some dude plunked in front of a shop, selling fake Fendi's, Chanels, Pradas, etc. :wtf: My best friend and I started laughing hysterically, and I said, "Look, I can get my fake Fendi!"

    So, the guy says to me, really loud, "You like? I'll sell it for 10 dollars!" Um, no thanks... Although I did get a cute little Hello Kitty purse that day, for really cheap.
  15. Sorry for the two-in-a-row, but I wanted to ask...

    What's the funniest "name" you've seen stamped on a fake piece? I.E. "Prado" instead of Prada.

    For me, it was actually on a scarf that my former boss bought while in the Phillipines. It was the classic plaid pattern, but instead of Burberry, the label read, "Bumbergy." :roflmfao:

    She knew it was a fake, and it gave the girls in the office a few good laughs.