I accidentally chopped off the leg of my qee :(

  1. Wanted to share. So sad....I was closing the door of my trunk, I have a hatch back, when I was going to the pool. I left my bag in there and I heard a clacking noise. I opened it up, and there was its little leg lying on the carpet of my trunk. :crybaby:

    Thought I'd share with people who'd understand. I need to be more careful.
  2. Awww, poor thing. Well what do you plan on doing? Are you gonna get another?
  3. Well I have the twin to your missing legged qee...I just got a new caramella in the mail and when I opened the package...the qee's arm fell out!! :lol: I know their arms and legs pop off but mine is completely busted off...it's pretty funny looking!!

    Do you have enough toki that it's no big deal or are you :sad: ??
  4. I wondered if she used handwash or machine wash? well she said it was a used bag...so i guess she washed it to make it clean?? Also i didnt even know her description was wrong!! its not citta print...
  5. I wondered the same exact thing when i saw that!! She makes it sound like she put it in the washing machine!! :nuts:
  6. the leg off my first Dalek Qee fell off too. then again, i did use it as an actual keychain on my keys, but i believe TokidokiLover had the head fell off her's at one point too. They don't seem like cheap plastic toys...
  7. Toki war amps?
  8. LOL!! Yup!! They don't seem like cheap plastic toys but they are!! We actually had a solid silver metallic lesportsac qee that came out of the box broken. The head popped off the stick the wrong way, the stick was stuck in the body and so the keyring wouldn't fit around its neck :sad: . I also had a different one that the leg broke off!!! :shrugs: I'm not even super rough with them!
  9. my quees leg fell off to well at first my friend was looking at it and i dnt knw wat she did but it came off then it popped back on so i was ok but then i aas walking in the hall way n if fell off i heard it and then turned around and picked it up later that week my quee became handicapped lol now hes missing a leg...:sad: i expected it in a way cuz i mean common it is just a cheap toy... dispite how much we pay for them lol maybe we should start a handicapped quee support group lol
  10. I also have a sad one-legged qee. He's also missing paint. I used him for a keychain. I felt like a bad mommy when I saw how bad he looked. (At least I have like 10 more)
  11. I only have one qee so I'm gonna try to keep it in good shape since it might be a collectible one day. I took it out of the pack, I was originally gonna leave it in there but I decided not too. I hope it doesn't get broken but since it's a backpack and I sling it around all the time it probably will.:crybaby:

    Anyways, about the washed tokidoki. It still looks dirty to me so I guess it was black before she washed it.:p I wouldn't buy it.
  12. I have a qee amputee too! I'm not sure what happened but my qee broke his little arm.:crybaby:

    Perhaps there is a Toki hospital where they can all go and recover???:nuts:
  13. Well, I say superglue them together so its one whole qee bear again, or you can make fun new combinations of toys like in toystory!