I abuse my dog!!!!

  1. I just can't help it. I swear I will stop tomorrow.

    I make him get up early in the morning so he can go to work with me everyday.

    I make him sleep in my bed with me and my DH.

    I make him go outside to go to the bathroom.

    I make him wear designer clothes in the winter.

    I make him go shopping with me on the weekend.

    I make him ride around in a stroller when we go shopping.

    I make him eat turkey with his dog food.

    He only has one toybox full of toys.

    I make him give me kisses whenever I want them.

    He only gets treats a few times a day.

    I never let him stay at home alone.

    I make him stay in the back of my SUV on his pile of beds when driving.

    Now that I have admitted in public how badly I abuse my dog I swear I will try to stop abusing him this way. Please don't report me. I swear I will stop.
  2. ^LOL sounds like a lucky little dog.

    Have you seen the little doggie car seats that allow them to be right by you in the front seat of the car, but restrained?

    They are soooo cute...thats what I use for my little guys! I think they are at gwlittle.com or pamperedpuppy.com

  3. Yes, I have seen them. I actually tried to buy one once. I went to the pet store and was trying to put it in my car and while trying to install it the strap ripped off. I thought that if it came off that easy it would not really help in an accident. I am so afraid if I have an accident that he is going to get hurt.

    My poor little guy that I have abused so badly his whole life actually does not like being in the front part of the car. I have four large sized beds I got at Costco and a blanket back there and as soon as I open the back door he jumps right in and goes under a blanket. He is one of the few dogs I have ever seen that does not like looking out the window. I have so many beds in the back that he can actually see out if he wants to but he prefers to hide under the blanket. Maybe it is just out of fear of more abuse that I am going to do to him at any moment.
  4. Ooooh, don't ever change! Your doggie is undoubtedly in seventh heaven!

  5. LMAO...I can read his mind..."NOOOOO!!! Mom is coming towards me with ANOTHER Juicy dog coat!!! Someone saaaaaaaaaaaaaave me!!"

  6. Poor thing, he looks abused. lol
  7. Here he is having to share his stroller with my bosses dog

  8. ok the title scared me but um...if you are a dog abuser then so i am.
  9. I'm picking up the phone to call the ASPCA......

  10. NO PLEASE DON'T. I promise I will be a better owner. I swear from now on I will tie him to a tree. And throw him a few crumbs of food a few times a week. Just please don't report me.
  11. Lol!!!!
  12. I'd say he has you well trained.
  13. By your standards, I'm terrible too...
  14. If only everyone treated there animals like you do!
    Your doggie is so cute btw!
  15. if ruby were smaller, i would abuse her just as much as you abuse your dog. ;)

    until then, she gets the queen size bed...because, well, she's the queen.