I absolutely love my new Little Big Shot bag!

  1. I was eying this in Lord & Taylor, and unfortunately it was not on sale nor did it qualify for the big 30% Friends and Family discount, but I bought it anyway. There's something about it; I just love it. It's in shiny saffiano leather. I liked the dimensions better than the Big Shot bag, which didn't have this color combination, as well. It is not so wide at 10", but it has a lot of depth and can fit most everything I need. The center zipped compartment easily holds my fully packed Sarah wallet, for instance.


    They did have some Marc Jacobs shoes on sale with the F&F discount, so I got a couple of nice pairs of flats.

  2. Beautiful
  3. I love everything! Congrats on your new beauties. That bag is gorgeous :heart:
  4. Thanks. It's really pretty, and I think it's fun, too.
  5. Beautiful color !
  6. And now I have a Big Shot (no Little attached) Marc Jacobs Big Shot Satchel.jpg

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  7. Super cute bags and shoes!
  8. Well, they are very structured and saffiano, and saffiano is extremely durable. So, they hold up very well.
  9. Thank you! I was thinking about the Big Shot and there are hardly any reviews on it. It looks sturdy and a bit sassy :smile:
    Was wondering about loose stitches or heavy wrinkling.
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