I absolutely LOVE Kroger!! =)

  1. So tonight I was attacked by an insatiable craving for ice cream. I figured I'd give the local Maggie Moo's a call and ask what time they closed. The girl answered 10PM so I thought all was well as I sped through my neighborhood and towards ice cream heaven. I screeched to a halt in the parking lot, jumped out of the car, and ran into Maggie Moo's to see a whole gaggle of 14 year olds (I'm not even kidding there were like 50 of them) standing around in a line screaming and yelling. Then about 5 more came in on my heels and the girl behind the counter was like "Sorry, we're closed!" :wtf:

    I looked at my watch. 9:45. I was THIS close to a scoop of better batter.. THIS close :cursing: :crybaby:At this point I swore to God if I ever had kids they would not be allowed to leave the house past 8PM to crowd up someone else's favorite ice cream store.

    So, I was dejectedly driving back home when I saw Kroger. Why not, I figured. I walked in and ahhh nice and quiet. I was browsing around when I hit the motherload - THE DESSERT ISLE! I had picked up a German chocolate cake and some tiramisu when I spotted my holy grail of cakes.. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE :nuts: But it was BEHIND the glass deli case. And no one was in sight. I started to panic :sweatdrop: Would I not get what I wanted to eat AGAIN? Would I lie awake at night thinking about the better batter and the strawberry shortcake I couldn't get? But then I saw a man mopping the floors and asked him if there was any way to get the cake. He smiled and said, "Don't worry young lady, I can help you out" and called over a manager who was SO nice. He came right over and then proceeded to roll up his sleeves (he was dressed really nicely in a shirt, tie, and slacks) and wash his hands. He then put on gloves and went the whole nine yards to put my cake in a pretty box and put stickers around it. It was SO gorgeous! :drool:

    I walked out of Kroger a happy girl (and with three cakes that's PRETTY darn happy) and drove back home where we had a mini dessert eating party. And so that's how Kroger made my night a dream come true :heart:

    Anyone else LOVE Kroger? :graucho:
  2. They do not have Kroger where I live, but whenever I go to visit my grandparents in Georgia, I go to Kroger. I love the bakery there! You must try there angel food cakes! They are so GOOD! YUMMY!
  3. I enjoyed your story. We do have a Krogers nearby but I don't shop there.
  4. That was 'effin funny. Glad you got the I.C. !!! :tup:
  5. i like Kroger, but if anyone here is ever visitng the Southeast (and mostly in Florida and Georgia), visit PUBLIX. their bakery is a thousand times as good as Kroger's, and in their deli they make the most delicious philly cheese steaks and fried rice. i can never leave this region of the country, because i can't live anywhere that doesn't have a Publix.
  6. i shop at kroger too here in hotlanta. not keen on publix - fewer choices and higher prices. wegmans in syracuse NY was great tho!
  7. Kroger's is ok here...I like Meijer's better b/c the international foods aisle is HUGE!
  8. Kroger is good for many items when one is in college on a strict budget- (their fruit and veggies are not steller). HOWEVER, no other place on the east coast has better lunch sandwiches than Publix. Oh how I miss it :: sniffles :: Great fresh fruit and veggies too!

    PS My sister's bf is bringing her a Publix sub in a few weeks when he comes to visit and she is looking forward to that more than seeing the bf. LOL!
  9. Kroger is "Ralphs" here on the West Coast! :yahoo: I see the Kroger label all the time here - but we also have the Ralphs label in the same market. Isn't that weird?:p
  10. in the west (well at least in colorado), kroger is King Soopers - isn't that odd? you'd think they'd keep the same name!
  11. I had a Kroger's almost right around the corner when I lived in Houston. For some reason, we'd always go to Fiesta though!
  12. Kroger's is Smith's in Las Vegas
  13. Their produce is wonderful, and their meat is pretty good, too.
  14. haha love the story!
  15. bear with me as i might sound like an airhead..but...i didnt even know KROGER was a store!...i live in LA too so thanks for clarifying that! ralphs is good...hmm the vons pavillion in weHO is pretty yummy!