I <3 the COACH forum!!!!

  1. Hey fellow Coachies!

    I just wanted to tell you all that I love visiting this forum so much. I've been a member for almost two years now, and I feel the most comfortable here. Not that all of tPFers aren't great, because they are, but I just identify w/ you girls so well!

    I'm so glad I started coming here!

  2. me too LAtier085.. I am feeling so attached to the coach forum:heart::heart::heart:
  3. I :heart: it here!
  4. Hi LAltiero85 !! I feel the same and I am a new kid on the block! I really enjoy your posts, we have the same love of Carly! I have three large ones, and I think my favorite is the chocolate signature, and the khaki/black. Everyone here is so friendly~ Happy Holidays girls!
  5. Thanks sweetie! And your faves are the two I have too!
  6. YAY! for the Coach sub-forum. I also love it here.
  7. I also love it here! Everyone is so welcoming and sweet!
  8. I agree! I only discovered this site over the summer but have learned sooo much (and I've been a loyal Coach fanatic for over 20 years!!). LAItiero I always look forward to reading your posts - your photo is so cute and you just seem like such a sweet girl!
  9. LAItiero you are a lot of fun on here...you are such a sweet up beat girl:tender:. I love checking in here throughout the day too. Everybody is really good at being enabler's :devil:and I have really expanded my knowledge of COACH here as well. :tpfrox:
  10. The energy in this forum is great. Something about these Coach gals!
  11. i :heart: it here too. coach girls are so nice! i've been away for a while b/c i see everyones bags and i want, want, want!!!! so i need to just take a peek every now and then. i do see some of the coach girls in other sub-forums too! it's like a friendly face....:girlsigh:
  12. Heya LA! We absolutely love having you here! Your such a sweetie with so many great things to share and add to this great forum!! Here is to LA!!!:woohoo::ty::party::drinkup:
  13. I love it here too:yes:, my wallet , not so much!!:nogood: Everyone is so welcoming and friendly here.:woohoo:
  14. My exact thoughts! :tup::flowers::girlsigh:
  15. Everyone is fab, cheerful and positive! Thanks for being great people and making me feel happy to sign onto tpf everyone!!!