i <3 my parents...

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  1. so i found out today that i'm getting a $5400 income tax refund. :nuts: and when i was talking to my mom on the phone today, i told her that i'll have more money now to pay for my down payment and closing costs for my condo (they said that they would help me out by paying for the closing costs). and she was like "why?". i said "well, you're not paying for everything, are you?" she said "yes"! What?! yeah, so they said that they would pay for my downpayment and my closing costs...and that i should just save my money to buy furniture. i have such great parents. i am soooooo sooooooo soooooooooooooo tempted to go buy a lv bag. someone please talk some sense into me and tell me to save my $$ for furniture.
  2. tHAT'S SOOOOOwonderful! Yea for you! My DH and I hope to be parent's like this one day, when our adult children can still depend on us!
    Your Mama rocks!
  3. Oh, don't buy a bag! {okay, may one under $1k!} you'll LOVE furniture shopping and it's SO satisfying when you live w/ it everyday!
  4. uuuuhh.you are asking us to NOT buy a purse.????????..LOL!! HEE!HEE!..I plead the fifth......I am seriously a BAD influence and can NOT comment!!!!!!!
  5. lots of hugs and kisses to your mom and dad. that is awesome!
  6. Congrats by the way! Your parents are very cool...make sure you let them know it!!!
  7. That is so wonderful!!!! Congratulations! :o)
  8. hehe i already started furniture shopping. i picked out my dining room table and my sofa already. yeah, my mom rocks...she also said that she'll pay to get the carpet replaced because she doesn't like the carpet that's there. hehe they still spoil me...
  9. Ohh dont buy any bags! This money needs to stay put until you get into your condo. Trust me....when you own its alot different then renting (Not sure if this is your first home). I promise when you move in there will be things you need to take care of and the extra money will come in handy. Unless your home is new construction you will
    have repairs that you do not know about yet. The bags will be there after you get settled.
  10. I say you should totally respect your mom and dad for being so completely helpful and awsome, by putting all of your cash towards the furniture they had hoped you would. I think you would feel good about yourself for doing that. Its the least you could do to thank your sweet mom and dad.
  11. yeah, i'm thinking of getting my mom an lv bag as a thank you gift...my parents are so simple, and they never buy anything expensive for themselves. last year i got her a coach bag for her birthday. she still keeps it in the box and only uses it to go to church. hehe...i think a nice lv bag would be a good gift for her. my dad is another story...haha he doesn't even know any designer brands. he's so hard to shop for...of course this will all be after i am settled into my condo...
  12. yeah, you're right. they'd kill me if they knew i spent $$ to buy a bag...haha...i could just see my dad's face..."that was how much?!"
  13. I also think your mom would be upset if you bought her a LV.
    Your parents will be more impressed if you have them over to your condo for a nice dinner and save your money for furniture and condo essentials.

    So excited for you!!
  14. That's so wonderful of your parents! :nuts: They sound like great people. I agree with ranskimmie, I'd put the money toward the furniture and buy the LV later :biggrin:
  15. haha...my mom was like "you have to buy a sofa bed so that we can sleep there". haha i think they'd be shocked if i cooked them dinner. but yeah, if i do get her an lv bag it would be much later on after i'm already settled. i know i'm going to be struggling the first few months with all the payments for mortgage and utilities...i feel overwhelmed thinking about all the payments. i may have to work per diem somewhere because there's no overtime on my unit. our census is so low...
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