I <3 My New Fragrance Print Scarf - Modeling Picture!

  1. I saw it and even though I did not want any Fragrance print items, I bought it because the SA's made me! Modeling tune for this pic? Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape!:heart:Now I so want the new bikini to match it!

  2. Wow, you are pretty and I love the scarf!
    Is that the longer scarf?
  3. Wow that is so pretty.
  4. Thank you PyAri and theglamorous!
    No :sad:.
    I wish it was so I could tie it in a sloppy bow, but sadly it isn't.
    It's quite short and touches the back of my neck.
  5. you should post this in the modeling/run way thread.
  6. You just made me happy then because I bought the short one because I don't like the print enough to pay the 58 for the large one.
    The smaller one, looked like it was a different material then the large one. But if you indeed have the same one I got then woohoo! Maybe mine will look good too.
  7. very cool :smile:
  8. I'm sure you'll look fantastic PyAri! The large one tickled my neck, so I don't do the neck scarf thing. It's the same fabric but it's folded and sewn, so it's thicker.
  9. congrats!! it looks adorable on you!
  10. Thank you anotheremptysky! :smile:
  11. Wow... it looks super cute on you!!!


  12. You look awesome! Congrats- it's really cute!
  13. Thank you TxCollegeGirl and willowsmom! :smile:

    I'll try to post pictures of my other scarves tonight!
  14. It looks super cute on you!
  15. you can post these in the modeling thread. no need to start a new one. i cant wait to see what your other scarves look like :smile: