I <3 IT!...My very first CHANEL

  1. hi everyone. this is my first time posting in this forum. i'm just sooo excited to share my first chanel purse:yahoo: i've been itching to get a new bag lately and after a few days of lurking around in the chanel forum i decided it's definitely time to get one:supacool: i was torn between the medallion and GST... leaning more on the medallion... but when i saw both IRL, the medallion was too small for me... i like to carry a lot of stuff when i go out. i got it at Saks today and just had to take pics even if its just from my phone (forgot cam @ bf's place)

    so here it is... pls pardon the quality as it does not do it justice IRL

    i'm not sure why this first one is bigger than the rest, i tried resizing but it still does it

    sorry about the dirty bathroom mirror


    aerial view:p


    i know i went a little nuts with the pics but i'm just soo in looove with it.

    *sigh* what would i do without this forum...
  2. Great choice, congrats!
  3. fantastic choice!!!
  4. it looks great on you! welcome to the forum!!!
  5. congrats, love it!
  6. thanks everyone:smile: i'm glad you guys like it
  7. Love your new bag, I'm considering that one as well for my first Chanel, decisions, decisions....congrats!
  8. Gorgeous - excellent choice!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Congrats!!!!!! :party:
  9. Beautifull.So classic!!
  10. stunning! i hoep that will be my first as well!
  11. Gorgeous and fits you well! You did good! Enjoy!!!
  12. Congratulations on your first Chanel! It's a beauty.
  13. lucky girl! You will use that bag forever- it's timeless. :yes:
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  15. Congratulations on a fabulous first Chanel!!!! :party: