i <3 canelle.

  1. i really really love this color. i want a paddy in it! but i already have a mini paddy, and my theory is, there are so many bags in the world, so i can't buy the same bag in two different colors.

    but...what a beautiful color!:heart: :heart:
  2. Glad to hear someone who loves it! I'm definitely thinking of getting the Canelle in a medium Paddy. The pics on Diabro are growing on me everyday.

    I know the minis are cheaper but I think I'd get much more wear out of the medium size. :yes:
  3. Daniella127- make an exception this one time:p . Its a beauty!!! I just ordered mine from Diabro. Can't wait to get it. Its such a pretty, versatile color!!!! Go for it!!!!
  4. It is a really nice color, it gives me an excuse to get another bag:lol:
  5. Very beutiful color!! I Agree with Pamella72: make an exception this one time!!!
  6. I bought the canelle medium from Bluefly, and am waiting for the large east/west zippy from Diabro. :nuts: I have many bags in multiple colors but different style paddys...nuts, I know, but I LOVE the colors and the various styles! :yahoo:
  7. I have a baby paddy in canelle and it's so gorgeous:love:

    Go for it :yes:
  8. Get the canelle, its brilliant. I would just get a different style, I have the same rule, but if I felt strongly enough I would go for it.