Hysterosonogram vs. Hysterosalpinogram

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  1. I thought I'd pass this along as it seems to be here in Toronto at least that Hysterosalpinograms aren't used...for those that need to do this kind of test, the Hysterosonogram uses a saline solution instead of a dye and an ultrasound instead of x-rays. Apparently it is much more visually informative. I had it done yesterday and would highly recommend it! Just for those of you girls who are worried about blockages, etc....and this also checks your uterine lining. Here's some more info:
  2. Interesting!!

    I had the Hysterosalpinograms (HSG) test recently, so if I don't get pregnant within a few months then I'll ask about this test. Thanks for posting.
  3. interesting. thanks for the info.
  4. you meant hysterosalphingogram? i had it to test for infertility and they found out that i had bilateral blockage in my fallopian tubes.
  5. I guess we are both spelling it wrong, I meant to write hysterosalpingogram (typed quickly and forgot the first 'g').
    And yes, that's what we're talking about:yes:. The hysterosonogram is a much better option IMO.
  6. If I had know this info before doing and HSG, I would have gone for that test b/c the uterine biopsy was the most pain I've ever been in!! Sounds like you get a two for one with the sonogram...