Hysterical website

  1. I am laughing so hard that my tears are making it hard to type this...
  2. LOL! Awwww that poor kittie in the corner :sad:
  3. haha i go to that site every day to get through work. Some of the other good ones are macrocats.com and dropline.net/cats...uh, not that i have a problem and am addicted to lolcats or anything...:whistle:
  4. Oh my gosh, I am gasping for air!!! These websites are hilarious!! Everyone in the office knows I'm doing no work because I keep snorting when trying to hide my laughter. Thanks for brightening up my day :yahoo:
  5. My daughter and I laughed so hard we were crying. It took a while to get the lingo, but OMG!! It is really hilarious!!
  6. LOL I love the "Jazz Hands" one!!

    Thanks for posting!
  7. I love this site. It always cheers me up when my day is dragging at work.
  8. This one is killing me...you should enlarge it to really see that poor kitty's face...
  9. i love this site! there's a similar one for dogs, for all you dog lovers out there


    never fails to brighten my day :lol:
  10. "jazz hands" OMG
  11. OMG! What a great website! They are sooo funny and cute! The captions really make them great.