Hysteria Large Clutch Gold Metallic

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  1. Does anyone have the hysteria large clutch in the metallic leather? I'm thinking of buying this bag but I'm worried about how the metallic finish will hold up. Any thoughts on how the metallic leather finishes on gucci bags hold up would be great.


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  2. I saw that at Vacaville on Saturday and it's gorgeous! I know that metallics no matter what the brand can be problematic -- I'm sure someone on the forum will chime in with some info soon. I have this bag in the black patent but am seriously considering getting this one too!
  3. All metallic bags - whatever brand (Chanel's are famous for their sensitivity) should come with bag 'health warning'.

    If the finish doesn't flake it can fade, streak or crack :amazed::police:.

    But looked after and used as an evening bag it should last in good condition for years.

    NOT an every bag though - but then this is an eve bag anyway.
  4. Its really amazing!
  5. How is the size? is it ridiculously big?
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    I have the smaller size and it's held up extremely well, no rubbing as of yet, and I've used it quite a bit. I throw it in my carry on when I travel and use it quite a bit on trips--it really holds more than you would think. Below is a pic of mine.

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  7. BTW, how much is the larger one at Vacaville??
  8. I have this but in the blue crystal gg fabric. It's pretty big for a clutch.

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  9. The metallic doesn't hold up that well, you probably want to spray some kiwi leather protector before using it, but it doesn't guarantee much, it will turn silver in like 3 months of frequent use (in often rubbed spots).