hypothyroid, What to do?

  1. does anyone have hypothyroid? if so, are there any natural ways to control it or make it more active?
  2. I have it and I take thyroid hormone in pill form...I'm not sure about too many "natural" methods to help because mine is so severe I need to take pills. The medicine I take is Armour Thyroid which is made from ground up pig thyroid glands, so has all of the naturally occurring hormones (T3 and T4 instead of just one...of the two...can't remember which it usually is off the top of my head) As for things that can help...they say iodine to some extent. It depends on how severe it is. Your best bet might be searching around the internet..that's what I did to learn more...but beware of supplements that say they increase thyroid function...often they are just loaded with stimulants and caffeine.
  3. Hi, I am hypothyroid too. I take Synthroid AND Cytomel to bring my thyroid levels up daily. As far as I know, there is nothing natural you can do or take to elevate your T4 or T3 hormones. If you have been diagnosed by your physician, they should have discussed it with you. I would talk to your endocronologist and ask these questions (or your family doctor if that is who you are seeing for it) and find out everything you can. It is a life-long struggle and you should get all of the information you can.

    Also, a VERY good book is "Living well with Hypothyroidism" by Mary J. Shoman. It is very well written and helps people to really understand the disease!

    Good luck!
  4. I wish I can give some of mine to you...I'm actually hyper.

    This is a good discussion forum about the thyroid, though it mainly covers hyperthyroidism. I'm not sure if it'll be much help for you:

    I wish you all the best because like erdrwife has said, it is a lifelong battle.
  5. i was seeing a nutritional therapist for this (before i was pregnant- i won't take anything while i'm pregnant- my rules). i was on all natural thyroid medicine, and it worked exceptionally well. i would imagine that in southern ca that you could fine someone like the person i see. good luck!
  6. My mom has this condition and she takes Synthroid. I don't really know if there are natural alternatives, but then again, she never really looked for any. Good luck, and take good care of yourself. A lazy thyroid can be a total pain.
  7. I was treated for hyperthyrodism 25 years ago. My doctor warned me it would be a lifetime condition and can repeat itself between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. You definitely need an endocrinologist.
  8. You definitely need an endocrinologist.[/quote]

    Totally agree...i discovered to have this problem last May and since then i'm taking Eutirox pills my endocrinologist gave me :yes::tup:
  9. Yes, definately go to the doctor. It took me a while but feeling great now. The meds make such a difference. I didn't get period for 6 mos, had headaches, hot flashes. First I thought it was the med making me ill and was ready to go off. What happened was it wasn't strong enough. Now I'm back to normal.