Hypothetically, say it's your birthday soon, do you ask for Chanel?

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  1. Something you want in particular? I would feel spoiled if I asked for a bag that's so expensive. I know my family would look at me like I'm crazy! :nuts:
  2. I don't ask for any gifts for my birthday:smile:
  3. ^ i dont ask for gifts from my friends, but for my bf and parents i HAVE to let them know what i want...lol
  4. Yes I will prob.hint that I want a Chanel, but IF I dont get it, then I'll just go and get it myself...no problem:smile:;)
  5. I always ask for gift cards (from dept. stores that sell Chanel). And as thegraceful1 just stated, if I don't get it, then I buy it myself.:P
  6. I'll make sure I've given enough hints to the bf. Don't make it too obvious that he feels annoyed but just perfectly right so that he understands.
  7. Ooh, I would ask for an accordion flap!
  8. If they ask what I want I would be upfront...I wouldn't even hint...But I would say that- I know it is a high priced item.. So I wouldn't mind contributions- so that I can purchase it myself. (Which can be in the form of a gift card etc. That way if someone is willing to purchase they know exactly what you want. And what kind of price range is at stake.

    And it also shows that you do understand that what you are asking for is a high priced item (extravagent to some)- and by saying that you wouldn't mind contributions going towards your dream bag- and you wouldn't mind putting in the rest... You would seem considerate----and not spoiled. IMO
  9. i don't :P
    i never imagined other people bought me expensive stuffs, i prefer to buy it myself LOL
    but it works different for each person though :smile:
  10. LOL, my birthday is coming soon, and YES my BF knows I want a Chanel!!! Chanel and Christian Louboutin shoes are my birthday gifts!!
  11. Only from my boyfriend. :yes: From everyone else I just ask for visa gift cards or they usually end up giving me cash. My family and friends know I have expensive taste so they don't even bother buying an actual present!!
  12. clever. it's too late for me, i'm pretty sure my fam have already bought a few things for me. i should have tried the contribute a lil' cash and i pay for the rest. maaan
  13. No, I wouldn't expect someone to buy me a Chanel bag although I might ask for a brooch or chain belt but nothing more expensive than that.
  14. Hi I just pull out pictures from magazine's and leave them on my husbands desk :smile:
  15. unfortunately, I have to buy my own Chanels.

    I wish i had rich friends. lol or at least shallow ones.