Hypothetically....Rouge vif vs Violette

  1. So, if a black bag girl was considering purchasing a summer Bolide which color would be more black bag girl friendly, Rouge vif or violette?
  2. I have to recommend Rouge Vif- it is OUTSTANDING! Like stop dead in your tracks HOT! Violette is gorgeous too, but hell, if you are venturing away from black, go all out!!!
  3. For summer, I also vote for the rouge vif...just got a flash of how great it would look with a seersucker suit...
  4. Rouge Vif, baby! So chic, stunning and lucious!
    Also, I'm not really a purple girl so I may be biased.
    But ROuge Vif is one of the most stunning and unique shades H has ever made.
  5. Quite honestly I like all of the H reds!!! you can't go wrong!! And the blues....and well the greens are pretty for summer too.....and....well you get the picture lol!!!
  6. Well...I am a purple girl, and I still vote for rouge vif. It's a versatile color and although I got it for summer, I use it in other seasons as well. It was my first foray into non-black H bags, and well worth it...
  7. Do you have any pics of yours, would love to see it.
  8. me too I love purple but at least with red you can wear it with all your items you wore with your black outfits
  9. Definitely Rouge VIF off the top of my head, but I seem to recall that you own summer clothing that may go better with the Violette? Violette is actually more subtle than the Rouge VIF; I really love the Violette as well--most of my accessories are Violette!
  10. well one thing I know about hermes...anything you get...you can't go wrong!
  11. I wear mainly white combined with brown tones, green, blue (these colors mainly in scarves). I guess I would have to add some red to my scatf collection. So it's all white with a hint of color. A lot of black and white too, but I think kelly will do in this situation. I really just want a bag that I am not going to feel too precious about. A bag to take to the shore, and daily summer outings with the kids.

    Just wanted to add that the one I am thinking about is a "pre-loved' Bolide. There are two available, one in rouge vif and one in violette.
    Picture 2.jpg red.jpg
  12. The red one is a pretty petite bag but will add a nice pop of color. If you're used to black bags though, the Violette may be a nice foray into color--it's not too bright. Either should be easy to incorporate into your mostly white wardrobe, and if you add some scarves with red in it, you could definitely work the Rouge VIF!
  13. rouge vif here... although I would want something in violet as well..
  14. Oh Rose! I'd be no help -- I'd want them BOTH!!
  15. Oh Gina, if you had to pick just one....???