Hypothetical Story: what's your opinion?

  1. So my friend and I were on the phone last night talking about customer service at high-end stores and she told me about the following story:

    Jessie went in looking for some jewelries and asked about the availability in styles, leathers and colors with her SA (Alpha). Alpha told her that the catalogues they have were pretty old so things were not really updated. Jessie wanted to get a leather strap in an orange exotic leather and that particular combo was not listed in the book anywhere - however, it does exist in purses, shoes, and other small leather items. Alpha said she would call and ask. At that point, another SA (we'll call her Beta) overheard her and said, "Look, if it's not in the book, it's not there. Don't even bother calling." And then, Beta stood up and walked over to Alpha and Jessie.

    Beta reached over Jessie and flipped through the pages (squishing Jessie's finger in process because she flipped a big chunk of pages over Jessie's hand at once) and then said, "See? It's not here so they don't make it." Jessie said that it wouldn't hurt to ask since the worst they could say was no, and Beta refused to do so. At that point, Alpha told her, "Well she is right, if it's not in the book, it probably doesn't exist." Jessie asked, "But I thought you told me the book is old?" Alpha replied, "No no, I meant the styles of the jewelries and watches were old, but colors weren't." Beta seemed satisfied in hearing that and walked away. When Beta was out of sight, Alpha said, "Don't worry, I'll call myself and let you know." Jessie was then reassured by her SA and several others in the store that that Beta was always like that with people.

    In your opinion, was Beta being rude in saying "don't bother" and refusing to help?
  2. Extremly rude. Their JOB is to assist the customer, that's it.
  3. I'd be looking for another SA if it were me. She obviously wasn't looking for a sale.
  4. But Beta wasn't Jessie's regular SA, Alpha was. Should Alpha have done anything in this case? My friend thinks Alpha should've stood up for her client ... if it were up to me I probably wouldn't know what to do ... hm ...
  5. I agree. I cannot believe the SA did not try to be of better assistance. I just hate to hear these stories of rude SA's. It is unbelievable to me.
  6. Well Alpha wasn't there. When Alpha was available, Jessie should have told Alpha how Beta treated her. Then Alpha could apologize and help her find what she was looking for. Then Alpha could talk to the proper channels if Jessie couldn't talk to someone herself to tell them about Beta's attitude.

    I work in retail and it's not Kosher for you to go up to another coworker and tell them how to do their job if you aren't their supervisor. Jessie needed to stick up for herself and tell a person in charge. Then she could have told Alpha and I'm sure Alpha would have helped her to the ends of the earth.
  7. Crap, I ruined the story. I just realized I didn't mention that Alpha WAS there when Beta interfered. Alpha was discussing the leather combination and jewelries with Jessie. When Alpha said she would ask about the combo that was not listed, that's when Beta interfered. In this case, should Alpha have done something? I thought it was good that Alpha told Jessie she would call when Beta was out of earshot.
  8. Very rude - I'd speak to the manager.
  9. :censor: yes she should stand up for her client. If an SA is routinely rude to cutomers and people in the store know it she should be reprimanded!!! There is no excuse for bad customer service, that's what they are there for...to serve you, not the other way around. :yes:
  10. Doesn't matter if Beta interrupted Alpha. Alpha cannot get into an arguement with Beta or discuss something with Beta in front of the customer. That's a private matter to be discussed between Alpha and Beta. All Alpha can do is apologize and Jessie should have talked to the manager if she wants to make it that big of a deal. Which it is if Beta was being rude.
  11. Extremely Rude....:noworry:
    I can understand why Alpha just said what she said so Beta can just go away...maybe she's the Manager *hopefully NOT* but maybe someone where Aplha might have to answer to..
  12. scary
  13. Beta was being rude and has gotten away with it for so long it seems. But Alpha was diplomatic and played dumb while Beta was there. Who knows what other trouble Beta stirs up for the other SAs.

    Jessie could file a complaint about Beta without bringing up what Alpha promised her, that Beta was so rude, she almost injured her with her callous movements. In the end Alpha will make the sale to her customer no matter what.

    I was in Jessie's place once, a Beta came over and told me to my face that I couldn't possibly purchase a gown I had in my hands. I was floored by that exchange but I made sure an Alpha made the commission. I still remember the look :shocked: on that Beta's face!!! LOL
  14. arrg :rant: why doesn't these things happen to me, I think I'd make such a stink I'd write a letter to the store manager and Hermes, inc. I would do everything possible to get that :censor: fired!!
  15. Who in the h@ll do these woman think they are!! These are bored woman who can't afford things that are there and are so unhappy with their personal lives that they try to be-little woman that are in a higher standing then they are in society! They forget that they are there to help us, not to treat us like dirt, I think if I would have had that happen to me where my finger was stuck hurting under that book I would have grabbed that book and smashed it across her face!!!

    She should have made a stink about her finger and accused her of assult!!! Nice law suite! They have cameras everywhere! That should be cought on tape!

    Sorry girls I have to calm down, stories like this piss me off to no end, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior!!! :rant: