Hypothetical situation...which one would you pick?


Which one would you pick in this situation? (and justify if possible!)

  1. Monogram Mizi

  2. black MC Aurelia MM

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  1. Okay, so I'm thinking way way ahead of myself again...the following poll is to ask for your opinion as to what I should do in this HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION. It does not nessarily mean that these are indeed my plans (since you know...I change my mind like a billion times before I make up my mind)

    So let's say it's mid-August.
    I have the LOVE2 tote in my posession, I bought the silver sweet monogram ring, and I just bought the Beverly MM in late July.

    Now, I have the chance to pick between two bags: the black MC Aurelia MM or the Monogram Mizi.

    The Aurelia MM will be brand new from the store, whereas the Mizi will obviously be second-hand, from let-trade. The Aurelia is $1380+ tax in the store and let-trade is charging $1350 for the Mizi, which is in good overall condition. It has a light-medium patina, some very minor water marks, no stains/dark marks on the vachetta, and handles in the middle are slightly darkened but looks like it can be cleaned up.

    Which would you pick?

    I want the Aurelia MM because I've been thinking about it since winter last year, and it would be my first large shoulder tote. I'll be going back to school soon and although I won't wear it often to school I may consider taking it with me on the days when I only have 2-3 classes.

    I want the Mizi because I've been thinking about it since fall last year, however I have many LV handhelds already. If I get this it may mean I won't get the Tivoli (since IMO they look different but they're just about the same bag except the Tivoli may be smaller). The Mizi is LE and long gone and one for $1350 may be hard to come by, especially since they're rarer and rarer and people on eBay are selling it for more and more.

    I will probably not be able to buy one and get the other next because after the Aurelia MM/Mizi I will only allow myself the amarante/pomme French Purse after my scholarship comes in and after that I need to save at least $2500 for a splurge at Holts LV. I will not be spending any of that money on the Aurelia MM so both bags will be pushed back until probably around Christmas time.
  2. You need the MC Karman!

    I dont like the Aurelia myself, but the fact that its MC makes me go crazy!
  3. oh get the Mizi! it's discontinued and it looks so classy; if i didn't already have the Klara i would have gotten the Mizi too (like that ever stopped me before :p). you can get the Aurelia another time if need be.
  4. Thanks Sophia and Sandra...

    Yes Sophia you are right I need MC in my collection but Sandra is right about the Mizi being already discontinued (and classy!)

    It's 50/50 right now! Need more voters please! :biggrin:
  5. Maybe I should add photos:

    Aurelia MM:

    Monogram Mizi (let's say it's approximately in this condition, maybe a slightly darker patina):
  6. I'm not a fan of the Mizi but always go LTD EDT especially if it's in good condition
  7. Mizi for sure :yes:
  8. mizi for sure, personally i don't think totes look good in MC.
  9. I would get both the MC and Mizi and not get the Beverly MM.
  10. Mizi vote here! :biggrin:
  11. Mono Mizi!:tup:
  12. Sorry, that's not an option for me :biggrin:
    Hence in my situation I said I already got the Beverly MM ;)
  13. I would get the mizi while you can find one for a decent price.
  14. Mizi for sure.......
  15. Mizi for sure, no doubt about it! I really like that bag and I also usually go for LE items.