hypothetical question

  1. hello my beautys
    just out of curiousity out of these three what do you like most (find most appealing) also open for other suggestions let your imagination go wild please . you know just hypothetical

    -glazed braise red croc birkin 30 cm ,hot pink stitching ,rose(or yellow) gold hardware with fancy intense pink diamonds

    -glazed babyrose croc with white stitching)or tone on tone) white gold hardware with white diamonds

    -glazed white croc with white stitching white gold hardware and white diamonds
  2. OMG Lilach!!! All of them are so stunning *swoons*. can I say I love them all?:love: Gosh, if I have to pick I'll probably go with the babyrose because I love pink, but the braise red is really a very close second. Wah, but the white one looks good too.

    Ok, I can't decide.:shame:
  3. OK, the white croc sounds so divine, I'll go with that one (although the braise is a close second)....
    Last night I had the pleaseure of seeing a photo of VERT JASMIN CROCODILE POROSUS, so my "imagination gone wild" would be

    -glazed vert jasmin p.croc, brown stitching?, white gold hardware (shoot, maybe yellow?)......
  4. I like RED!!
  5. White! OMG! And not only because it's stunning, it's unique!
    But, I do remember you saying that you wear a lot of black and white, so maybe, wardrobe-wise, braise would really pop?
  6. mhmm vert jasmin with yellow gold and fany yellow diamonds :drool:
  7. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I saw green fancies at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia....but I think yellow might be better....canary...mmmmmmmm
  8. ^ I'd give anything for a pic of that bag!!
  9. well i ONLY wear black and white :lol: the thing about braise is i just find it sooo extravagant and unexpected paired with pink diamonds and pink stitching that it would be a masterpiece but oy veh
  10. ^ get all three croc bags. They are so different. Then choose ONE to get diamonds on! hehe

    (running for cover)
  11. I was thinking Lilach should get them all, and all with diamonds. hehehehe! I'm bad.
  12. well hypothetically that would be the plan if i would buy them but the question is which one to take with diamonds (and if what is best white or fancy intense pink diamonds)
    but of course just dreaming
  13. What about babyrose with intense pink diamonds?:love: I would love that in a Kelly.
  14. oh definitely the braise red then! (with rose gold)
  15. They all sound so goooooood and I love all 3 colors but I would love to see the red:drool: