Hypothetical Question...

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  1. Which earrings would you wear with this? (Photo nicked from NanamiRyu ;) )

    Is there a matching pair?


  2. Hi Carole ;)

    I propose you the following earrings (all from the A-W 2008/09)

    Act1 Line "X"Ceptional Earrings
    Act1 Line "Logo Pearls"
    Act1 Line "SnowFlowers"

    And also :

    Act2 Line "Le Duc" white pearl with CC Metal but maybe not in white but in black
    Act2 "Connoisseur" earrings with pearls available if I'm not wrong in black or bordeau a very dark red or purple (violet). Hope the red is the same than the "Cabochons" necklace....
    Act2 "La Duchesse" Earrings available in black or white
    Act2 "Technicolor"
  3. since its such a bold necklace i actually wouldnt wear any earrings with it.
  4. Hypothetically are you getting this? :graucho:
  5. ^^Yeah I wanna know too! :P

  6. EEK! Thank you!! D'ya know if there are pics on here? It's 1.30am and I'm a bit slow (and lazy...!)

    lisadoodle - Earrings are kinda my "trademark, so yes, I would. But only one pair ;) This ex-punk has a number of holes I could use :P

    laurayuki and the_lvlady ... dunno - give me a little while and I'll let you know :graucho:
  7. Carole the pics are on the Fall Winter 2008/09 Lookbook.
    I don't know if the thread's still available on The PurseForum.
    If you don't find it, tell me, I'll post you the earrings pics.
  8. Can't find it :sad: But it may be 'cos I'm too tired to search properly.

    No hurry, but would adore to see some pics if poss and if not too much trouble for you. Thank you :heart:

  9. I wouldn't match any Chanel earrings to a necklace, too matchy matchy IMHO. I would pic a pair of simple diamond solitaire studs. Gorgeous Necklace!
  10. I don't have any suggestions but that necklace is GORGEOUS! (I almost got the matching ring, but that's tiny in comparison lol)
  11. I agree completely!!!:yes:

    Beautiful...so when are you getting it?????:P
  12. No earrings for me too! Unless absolutely necessary, very simple and small round diamond studs..
  13. I love that necklace!! :love: If I were wearing it, I'd make it the focal point, so no earrings for me (especially not dangly ones). If anything, maybe a pair of diamond, champagne diamond, or onyx studs, etc., but that's about it for me. :smile:
  14. With a necklace as gorgeous as this, I will not wear any earrings, so that it can shine in all its glory.

    I will however wear a matching bangles or bracelet, just to balance the overall look.
  15. A simple pair of studs - black, gold or diamond would do......