Hypothetical question: If you were only ever going to buy one more bag, which one?

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  1. I know this is a ridiculous question to ask this group, of all folks, but I am interested in your viewpoint on this question. If you were, for whatever reason, only ever going to buy one more bag, which one would it be? Assume, for the sake of the example, that you already had a birkin, kelly, and bolide (or 2). Assume also, just for the sake of the question, that it cant be an exotic, and that it must be reasonably accessible (inotherwords, no box, barenia, etc.). Which bag, which color, which leather?
  2. Kelly 28 sellier, because you can't go wrong!


    Graphite perhaps?
  3. Birkin 35, Rouge H, Clemence, PH...

    My workhorse bag, yet subtle enough to be a neutral.
  4. One more bag?

    Ouch....my last bag is a hard to find one. But it's a 28cm Kelly!
  5. A birkin 25cm rouge vif in chevre mysore :heart:
  6. Hmm, you mean one LAST bag, and that's it?

    I don't know. Honestly.
  7. OK Cyn...you're standing out the front of H, and have three inutes to run in, grab "the" bag, and run out again....which one????
  8. *chinese burn*...(or as S'mom calls it "arm-twisty")....c'mon!!! Make a choice!!!
  9. Um.

    Black shiny croc Kelly 28cm with PHW.

    I guess??
  10. LOL!!! I had such performance anxiety just then!! I can empathize with my poor DH a bit more now. Heh.

    OMG I was so frazzled, I forgot to say CROC in my answer! LMAO.
  11. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I guess it would depend on what colours & leathers you had already. If your existing collection was all neutrals, I'd go for a birkin 30 in rouge vif fjord or a HAC in rouge vif chevre. If you had colour already I would go for an ebene kelly - or birkie if you prefer.
  13. Oh, and BTW, in three minutes I couldn't possibly have time to PAY for it, so that's why I said croc especially. Heh.
  14. Birkin 35cm, Clemence / Togo/ Vache Liegee with G/HW
  15. I don't know, it would be a very hard decision. Any Louis Vuitton bag, I guess. A black one because you can never go wrong with a black bag.