Hypothetical Question: If You Can Only Afford One Croc Birkin....

Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
what color would it be?

I'm so curious about fellow members' answers. Take the poll or drop a few lines! Oops, poll closed 5 minutes after I tried to compose it.

But here you go:

1. Some kind of Black: graphite/ black/ anthracite.
2. Some kind of Red: Rouge H/ Rouge VIF/ Braise...
3. Some kind of Blue: BJ/ Bleu Roi/ Aqua...
4. Some kind of Brown: Meil/ Havanne////
5. Some kind of Neutral: Etoupe/ Golden Sable/ Etrusque/ Poudre....
6. Fuschia or Purple...
7. Others: vert anis/ Saffron/ Orange.....

Drop a line and let me know your thoughts!:tup:

Here is a pic from reference section:


Jul 28, 2007
My first exotic is most likely going to be Matte Havanne Lindy (34cm pref.)
But since my DH hates Lidy in general my other options would be:
1.Shiny cacoan GHW Birkin 30cm..or miel.
2.Emerald green Bolide 37cm