Hypothetical question and please me nice to me!!

  1. Hello!
    I have come out of Hermes thread lurking to ask a quick question and I am as nervous as I was on the ONE occasion I went into my local boutique! :s

    If I was to say, magically finish uni and actually earn some munny? muney?? monny??? Hmmm I can't quite remember how to spell it...;)

    and I spent it on a Kelly... can you get one made to any specifications you want?? Say, for example, without the double rings on the handle?

    Or, now that that has been introduced, do you simply have to have it??

    Thanks and please be kind!:heart:
  2. no you can not ! first of all to get to do special orders you need to be well known at hermès = beeing good customer and then in 99% of the cases hermès won´t let you change the design of their bags (sizes exra pockets only two rings etc) the are very strict with that sorry
  3. Thanks for your reply!
    I thought it would be something like that but then I also thought since they make each one by hand from scratch maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal!
  4. Lilach is right - I think the only way to get something made without the double rings is to special order, and even then, you would have to be a VVVip for them to change the usual specs for you......:sad:

    Your best bet Shari, if you want a Kelly without the double rings (many of the ladies here don't like them, either) is to find a vintage one (or pre-2000) closest to the specs that you want.

    What were you after in particular? What colour, leather, hardware & size? Perhaps your Kelly or one very similar wouldn't be too hard to find?

  5. Oh, and Shari - we're all nice here!! You're welcome ANy time - we LOVE new Hermes recruits!

    Bet you buy something Hermes before you even finish Uni!!!!
  6. :yes: absolutely !!!
    and i re-read my post and it sounded a bit snotty! sorry for that it was not meant that way! believe me i would love if hermès would allow such things (like an interior pocket in the JPG birkin) but most of that is unlikely. the only things they do is letting you choose the leather the threads the form rigide or souple with the kelly the hardware and sometimes they will use special materials but chnaging their designs no as they say they are perfect the way they are.
    but like gf said try aged beautys and most likely you ´ll fall for hermès for the rest of your life :flowers:
  7. ^ hey - my store manager won't even tell me the leather he has ordered - LOL!!

    Lilach - you could never be snotty, just honest! - you're gorgeous......AND you are the Hermes VIP around here!!!!!!

    Imagine the trouble they would be in if they DID let people choose what they wanted - they would end up with the Himalaya!! LOL!!

    Toomany changes would interfere with the original design and therefore the beauty of the Kelly, in any case!
  8. Lilach you didn't sound snotty at all!

    Grands Fonds I had thought about a vintage one but if I were to buy one I would I would really love to buy from a boutique!

    You guys are right though about allowing people to make too many changes and losing the original classic design.

    Thanks again!
  9. I agree...you would have to purchase from a reputable reseller (and there are a lot of good ones we can all vouch for!); you can always buy something "other" directly from a store lol......generally it's hard to only buy one Hermes item! Welcome!
  10. Welcome Shari! I also recommend a vintage Kelly for you, then! Many of our members have them and they are so well preserved! If you let us know what color you're after, we can help you!
  11. Welcome, Shari! It's a pleasure to have you here! Vintage Hermes bags are wonderful, too! I have a few and I can honestly say that they are LOVELY! Anytime you find one on-line you are curious about, post it here and we can help authenticate for you BEFORE you buy!

    Have fun with your search....
  12. Welcome Shari! The ladies here are great in helping one out in the quest for their dream bag and I agree, a vintage Kelly sounds like what you are looking for. Good luck in your search!!

    Lilach- I too wish there was in interior pocket in the JPG:yes:
  13. Welcome, Shari! I felt the same way about buying from resellers when I first joined, but after learning more, I became more comfortable with the idea and found my ideal Black Box Kelly from a terrific reseller and couldn't be happier. It is in perfect condition. I saved nearly $2K - which was
    almost enough to buy my perfect, never used Chocolate Clemence Trim, made in 1996, from another reseller.
  14. Oohhhhh - that brown box 28 is to DIE for, Bagg!!!!!