Hypothetical grail question - black box or natural barenia

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If you had a choice, which one would you pick?

  1. Black box retourne Kelly

  2. Natural barenia retourne Kelly

  3. I like both equally

  4. I dont like either and would buy something else entirely

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  1. This is a purely hypothetical question - if you had a choice between two kelly bags, one in black box, one in natural barenia, which would you choose and why? Lets assume for the sake of the question that (1) both leathers were in normal production again, and (2) you could only buy one.

    The question is hypothetical only, since I dont expect to have this choice any time in the near future. But I am curious as to what other peoples views are, if you removed the "rarity" factor for both bags.
  2. Black box, hands down. It would go with more of my wardrobe, and I just love the patina that box gets with age.
  3. Without any hesitation, Black Box ! :heart:Any size, any style.

    (crossing fingers that a second chance would be given for a Kelly 35 retourne Barenia....;))
  4. As much as I adore Barenia, I prefer it in a Birkin or HAC style, rather than in the Kelly.....
  5. The Barenia. :smile:
  6. I like box and barenia equally, but I have to agree with duna. I like barenia more in birkin/HAC since to me it's more casual. For a kelly, definitely black box.
  7. In the retourne style I would go for barenia. I prefer box in sellier for some reason.
  8. I would choose box but not black.
  9. I went w/ Black Box, although I prefer it in sellier... and I LOVE barenia and I agree w/ duna that it's great in a Birkin or a HAC.
  10. black box! I have seen it in the retourne kelly IRL and really like the way the leather looks/works on that bag. I like the barenia too, but black box is such a classic and I wanted to choose between the two!
  11. I chose black box but in a kelly, I'd choose a 28 sellier instead of retourne.
  12. if i can only have one kelly, i'd choose black box....although i'd go for a sellier black box kelly 28.
  13. I love barenia, but would prefer it in another style bag.
  14. I'd definately go for the black box. :yes:
  15. barenia...
    i have the barenia kelly of which you speak, and I love it. But it goes with my style, which is casual and a tad rural (to put it mildly). I could see that it would not work for everyone.