Hypothetical Birkin choice


Which would you choose if you were me?

  1. Black box with ruthenium (or PH if RH not avail.)

  2. Indigo barenia with PH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If I had the opportunity to choose my next 35 Birkin (which I do not, sadly), which would you favor: black box w/ruthenium (iffy availability) or indigo Barenia (also iffy availability!)? I had thought I wanted box as I liked its dressier appearance...but I love Barenia.
  2. I like indigo so that would be my choice. Box sort of freaks me out with the blister issue
  3. This was a difficult one, I went for box in the end as it is so classic and I love ruthenium. If I saw both bags IRL at the same time, I might change my mind though, if the indigo was very very dark.
  4. If it makes any difference, I already have 2 black Birkins with PH, but neither is in a smooth leather. Uh and also already an ebene barenia. But that gives you an idea how I feel about barenia.
  5. I voted for indigo - that was before I saw/read you already had 2 blacks. I feel indigo is dark but there is enough blue to make it look different .. UKWIM?
    HTH :smile:
  6. Totally, and I agree completely.
  7. Boy, that's a tough choice (and you've only given us two things to choose from - haha). I would go for ANYTHING in indigo.
  8. If you have two black birkins already...you should go with indigo.
  9. Here's a thought - indigo box?
  10. ohhh, indigo box would be my vote!
  11. Yes, indigo box!
  12. I just doubt that you're going to be able to find Indigo Barenia in something as large as a B35 right now. Some people have been waiting YEARS for Barenia Birkins.
    But indigo box is simply divine.

    I THINK I just prefer that gorgeous natural colored Barenia. Especially with patina.
  13. If I already had a Box calf Birkin, I'd go for almost anything Barenia for the next one.

    If I didn't have a Birkin yet and this were to be my first one or one and only, I'd do Box calf.
  14. Indigo!!!
  15. I wish I could help but newbie here has never seen Barenia! Next time at H, I must check the leather book....