hypothetical b-bag weekender question

  1. okay, i'm not reeeeeeeeally considering this bag (yet), but in case i do at some future date, do you gals think it would be too big on petite, little 5'2 moi (?) :wondering
  2. [​IMG] a, teddy has a weekender and she is shorter than you!:cool:
  3. so cute....my teddy's jealous and wants a weekender too!
  4. oh noooooooooooooooo, that's so adorable chaussurewhore!!!
  5. addicted, my teddy has a another teddy friend, a bal bag enabler, like we all are!!!:cool: a, my other teddy has a weekender , too and she is also short![​IMG]
  6. aaallabama - i was thinking about getting a weekender too, but after talking/messaging some PF about their weekenders, i've decided to go for a work! i'm only just 5'1 and i most likely could probably crawl into a weekender!!! i've also been told that you can basically fit your work into your weekender and still have a bit of room left... so the weekender is HUGE.... i'm a total fan of BIG bags but i think i've met my match with the weekender! good luck with what you decide!!! :smile:
  7. thanks for your input helenNZ, i'm still on the fence i guess :rolleyes:...i've gotta courier b-bag & that's not too big on me...but the weekender's even bigger than that baby!!!

    p.s. apologies to you SwankyMamaof3 :flowers:
  8. Im a lucky 5ft. 2 also, and I just think the weekender looks too large on me. I guess that why Im such a city lover. But all that matters is what you really love, and if it a weekender, then I say go for it!
  9. It wouldn't be too big if you used it as a weekender/travel carry on bag. Several petite ladies check into the hotel where I work with large bags like this, and it doesn't look too odd. If you carried it as a plain old handbag then maybe it would be overpowering.
  10. yeppers, i was thinking of it mainly as a travel/overnight bag :yes:
  11. aaa, I think if it's an overnight bag, it would be just fine:smile: But as an everyday bag, I too fear it may look a bit out of sorts. Good luck in what you decide! Ooh and what colour were u thinking?

    CW, lol! You totally cracked me up with the teddies and their weekenders:smile:) So totally adorable! Your teddies are too kool for skool!!
  12. hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe a work would be the better option for this shortie then :amuse:...do you gals know if the work is bigger enough than the city to make a difference (?)

    p.s. i :heart: your new ink purse SerenitySue!!!
  13. I love the works and weekenders.. and i don't think the work is THAT much bigger than the city.. so if you like the shoulder strap.. maybe stick with the city.. as far as I know.. the city could stuff alot of things as well.. unless you're looking to put LARGE flat items in your bag.

    I personally HATE the shoulder strap.. so i prefer the work/weekender.. but i'm 5'7.

    hope that helps!
  14. thanks waterfalls, i really think what i need to do is figure out a way to grow about 5 more inches & then i can get my weekender :P
  15. sweetie, i think it would look fine on you for use as a travel or overnight bag! besides, it's not the size of the bag, it's really how wear it! and i know that you're a hot, stylin' chick! :graucho: ;)
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