Hypoglycemic- Anyone else

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  1. I was recently told I might have hypogylcemic, well my doctor informed me she was sure of it.
    Anyone else dealing with it ? How do you manage it ? Any tips ?
    I heard that there isnt really any meds you take for it, you just have to manage your diet and eat all day to keep your levels even, is this true ?
    Is there any sure way of telling, or is it just going by the symptoms...
    I have alot of the symptoms and I just wanted to check here to see if anyone else is dealing with this, and what symptoms do you get and how did you tell ?
  2. I am hypoglycemic. Especially after I've just woken up I have shakiness and tremors, sometimes mild nausea, lethargy and coldness. The moment I wake up I usually drink a cup of hot, sweet tea with a couple spoonfuls of sugar.

    I find that eating whole-wheat breads help. Eating white bread or sugary stuff just makes you feel good for a while and then crash again.

  3. This is me, the morning is awful for me, I never knew what the problem was, I just went on about my day....The tremors and shakiness is awful, because you feel it internally- well i do anyway.. I know my blood pressure is really low when I wake up as well. How were you diagnosed ? Did they take any test or things like that..
    I find during the day I get really bad and then when I eat I do start to feel better....
    Thanks merika
  4. I am hypoglycemic too. It's the worst! I find that doctor's aren't at all interested in the problem, but I have found some things to help me.

    Actually, it was a nutrionist who diagnosed me. My fasting blood sugar level was in the 30's -- the danger zone.

    I get shaky, sweaty, confused, angry, mean, dillusional, all sorts of awful things. Ironically hunger pains are not ever part of the "episode".

    I eat throughout the day and try and focus on proteins and fiber with a minimum of fats and carbs.

    Sometimes I do everything right and still have an episode. They can come on really fast for me, without warning, so I always carry peanut butter with me. A tablespoon helps to normalize my blood sugar quicker than other things. One of the worst things for me is juice.

    Good luck to you! I've found it's a life long process of regulating my blood sugar.
  5. My blood pressure is low also. The normal is 120/80 - mine is something around 105/68 or thereabouts.

    I didn't take any tests for it, but my physician diagnosed me and suggested a dietary plan and I'm doing much better now. I carry snacks all the time - whole wheat granola bars, mostly.

    Juice is a bad one for me, and I only drink about 1 soda a year.
  6. Yep, my blood pressure is normally 120/80 as well.... and I woke up one morning it was like 95 and I felt horrible. My aunt bought me one of those bp machines and she was with me that night, and she was like thats why you are waking up so off, your blood pressure is low, my aunt has advised me to drink orange juice when i wake up and to eat right before i goto bed..
    Yeah, my regular doctor told me I had anxiety and gave me a antidepressant/anxiety pills which of course i did not take....glad I didnt,
    I went to a homeopath and she told me off the bat what was wrong and I told her the same things I told my GP......
    There is a book I read about while surfing the net, I sure wish I can remember where I was at to go back and get the book...
    thanks for all the info you guys......opps I mean gals...
  7. low blood pressure for me as well.
    my mom and i both suffer from hypoglycemia... my mom far worse than i though. we have these glucose tablets we keep in our purse...
    Glucose Tablets | BD | Walgreens these aren't the exact ones but along the same lines.
    i've fainted a few times when it's become too low. dh has given me orange juice and it helps. HTH.
  8. I'm confused- a couple of you say that juice is bad for you and a couple of you use that to counteract an episode. I understand the second thing- using juice as a fast way to pick up the blood sugar level. What are the negative effects of juice...too much of a surge then drop in sugar levels? (Trying to understand my own symptoms)
  9. yeah the orange juice or juice spikes the levels fast, but than the meltdown comes. I think the only way to combat that is to keeping the levels on an even keel...so after you drink the juice, make sure to eat all day .
    Thats what I would think.
    I am so new to this to, so I guess I will get it figured out
  10. Yes, that's what I believe. Eating an orange would be better b/c the fiber hasn't been removed so it metabolizes the sugar more slowly. Still, I follow eating a piece of fruit with a few nuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter so the fat will slow down the processing of sugars from the fruit.
  11. :yes::yes:
  12. I am hypoglycemic as well. I have to carry glucose tablets with me.If I get really low I basically throw horrible tantrums and nothing sounds ok to eat if it's not EXACTLY what I'm craving at that moment. Then I eat and forget why on earth I was so upset. It's amazing what our bodies will do to achieve balance!
  13. I am hypoglycemic, anemic and I am a nutritionist. I used to get really shaky in the morning and as most of you ladies have said I carry around whole wheat granola bars just incase I have a really low blood sugar moment. It really does help to stay away from things really high in sugar because it will only make you crash harder later. While I was in school my teacher (another nutritionist with her PHD) told me I was hypoglycemic and helped me get better thank goodness. If you ladies have any questions feel free to ask!
  14. I'm hypoglycemic too and found that eating a high fiber diet really works. It helps with the tremors and the weakness. Also, eating 6 small meals throughout the day solved my problem.
  15. I agree with your comment about eating lots of fiber. I have found Kashi cereal and their granola bars to be wonderful. I can them with me all the time.