Hypoallergenic Cosmetics???

  1. I found out this summer that I have a bunch of allergies. I'm on meds now and feeling MUCH better, but now my allergist tells me that he recommends that I switch my makeup for hypoallergenic makeup. I use Lancome almost exclusively, and am not thrilled about switching to Neutrogena (drug store brand). The doc says that Clinique, despite its claims to the contrary, is NOT hypoallergenic.

    So, do any of you have this issue? If so, is there a brand available in the US that you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Kathy,
    if you're still interested in finding more hypoallergenic make up, Nude by Nature is a good one. I recently developed allergies too and would break out in small bumps all over my forehead but their mineral foundation cleared it all up. Also Origins is a great skincare brand. It's moisturiser cleared up all those bumps I thought would never go away!!
  3. I have really sensitive lips (hives, itchy, swollen, etc) and i use clinique and chanel lipsticks. i'm going to try nars and see if it gives me a reaction...
  4. The only way you're going to find makeup that you're not allergic to is to test it out and eliminate ingredients that you know you're not/are allergic to (every cosmetic in the US should have ingredient lists somewhere). "All-natural" makeup is not all natural or else it would go bad too quick to sell, and even natural ingredients can be allergens. My best advice is to buy from somewhere you can return used makeup to and do patch tests.