1. My mom came to town today (she is actually sitting in my office as I type this) and we went to lunch and are going shopping in a little while. We started talking about Birkins. When her inheritance from my grandparents comes through (everyone is fighting over it, but there is a timeline, and it's supposed to be January HOPEFULLY), she told me she'd let me get one thing, anything I wanted. I've got a decent car. I'm not letting my mom buy me a house or anything ridiculous. I don't need anything; I work and pay for everything myself and I'll do that on my own. The only thing I mentioned, quietly, was $8,000, no questions asked. She said that was fine, but asked if I'd tell her what it was for. We started talking Birkins.

    I can't believe it-- because she thinks Coach is too much for a bag-- but she said okay!!!!! We discussed colors and leathers, and she said her only stipulation is she wants to help me pick it out-- and she doesn't think I should get Blue Jean. She thinks I should get black-- which I've been leaning towards agreeing with her on, because it's a timeless color in a bag I'll carry forever.

    I'm hyperventilating. I'm so excited. I'm trembling. There's a chance I might even be able to get it (IF the inheritance comes through in time) next month when I'm in Dallas!!!! Or look, at least. You ladies just don't know how exciting this is for me. It's my biggest dream. When I explained to her the craftsmanship, how long it takes to make one, etc, even SHE was impressed and said that if that's what I want, that's what I'll get. My grandmother mentioned once how much she "did love that bag Grace Kelly carried"-- and even though this is a Birkin, I'll still think about her every time I carry it.

    So I need your prayers and good wishes that everyone will stop fighting and hating each other and this will all be settled... and when that happens... I'LL GET A BIRKIN! My hands are shaking even as I type this!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Yaayyyyy!!!! Sarah, I hope all this works out for you and you get the bag you want. It's so sweet you are able to talk to your mom about all the details. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Wow I am so happy for you! This is GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::yes:
  4. Woohoo! That's great news!
  5. So excited for you!!! Praying for an end to those family issues too. My mom would look at me like I was nuts.
  6. Oh Sarah, this is sooooooo exciting! Getting a Black Birkin is such a good idea, and you really will have it forever. Now, let's talk about hardware, skin and which size . . .
  7. Oh wow, I hope it all works out for you!
  8. OMG, Sarah, this is like your dream come true!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and am eagerly waiting for a BIG REVEAL soon!!!
  9. Sarah, Your Grandmother would be happy for you. I'm so excited for you!!
  10. Congratulations!!! A black birkin sounds beautiful. I am sending good vibes and wishes for family harmony your way... :smile:
  11. Sarah- That is such a great story!!! I was able to purchase my first Hermes, a Kelly from money received from my sister's estate. She died unexpectedly in 2006 so this was something nice I did for myself and I have her to thank for it. I no longer have the Kelly, which in hindsight makes me very sad...but at the time, and now through my memories, I will remember the entire experience fondly.

    I am so excited for you. This is the best way to get an Hermes bag!!!
  12. Wonderful news Sarah! I hope your family fighting ends soon (nothing makes the claws come out more than money), and that you get your BIRKIN!!!! :nuts:
  13. Gosh...now I think I'm hyperventilating!!!! GO SARAH, GO SARAH, GO SARAH....
  14. That's such good news!
  15. Great news! I hope for the best for your family, mom, and your Birkin!