Hyperventilating here.....

  1. We were supposed to meet up with friends at Cambridge so hubby and I decided to head out early and walk around on Newbury St in Boston. I knew I wanted to go to LB and hubby patiently came in with me. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So many gorgeous bags!!!! As I was looking around, my eyes fell on the sale rack. I did a cursory glance and then did a double take. There was a HH Mercer Satchel in black. I thought I was going to cry. I NEVER find a black bag on sale. It's usually ones that I don't care about or if it is a bag I like, it is in a color I don't care for. It was marked down to $336 and had a further 30% off - it was an in store special. I did not waste too much time thinking about that one, I can tell you that much!!!!

    I also saw some of the other HH bags not on sale and they are all so nice. AC is super light weight too. As much as I was feeling sad that I could not get into the RM sale, I am glad about it - all of the bags were way too big for me. I am not a tiny person, but even so I felt it would have completely overwhelmed me.

    I have another Tod's Charlotte bag coming in from CA in BLACK < I think this must be my lucky week for black bags on sale> and am super super excited. I think I am bagged out for a bit. Only hope I don't get carried away by the post Christmas sales!!!

    The in store special rack with the extra 30% off also had a RM Matinee in espresso, a Gustto Setela, Luba J Balloon bag and an AC tote in red I think. I think you can also call the store and ask them should you be interested in any of the bags. All of these bags had prices already marked down and it was a further 30% off of that. All sales I think are final.

    This was my first visit to the store and needless to say is not going to be my last!!!! They are really super nice to deal with.

    Thanks for listening to story!!!

  2. Oooh, congrats. Sounds like you got a great deal. One can never have too many black bags IMO.
  3. Wow, thanks for sharing and congrats on your great deals...I've spent lots of time admiring bags on the Luna Boston site but have never been in the store, I'm going to be in Boston in a couple weeks and I can't wait!!
  4. Wow, what an awesome sale you lucked upon! Congratulations, I think I would've hyperventilated too if I was in handbag heaven! :wtf:
  5. Wow, you are so lucky! I usually don't get to see the bags IRL, and rely on the ladies here for their great descriptions.
  6. Wow! Congrats! Would love to see pics!
  7. Thanks guys!!! I knew you would understand my excitement about it all. The leather is just so soft and squishy. Me like.