Hyperventilating here! MIL just called, a box should be arriving...

  1. Somewhere between Tue and Thursday, depending on customs!!!!

    My hands are shaking, palms sweating, mind racing...I had to read and comment on some other threads before I could write intelligently (probably, still not succeeding...lol)...

    Anyway, as you may know my in laws are in France and said they would try and look for a bag for me...

    Now the hard part, they said I am not to open the box until they get home and come for my birthday...no hints, nothing!

    I said, but it really should be checked, they said DH could do that...but he had seal it back up in shipping box, so I wouldn't be tempted...aurgh! Guess they know me pretty well, I am a terrible peeker!

    How can I survive almost 2 weeks with an Hermes box, unopened, on my dining room table!!
  2. Oh my, I don't think it is possible. Open it up and beg forgiveness???
  3. I wouldn't be able to do it- that's for sure. I am the kid who opened all of her gifts, and then wrapped them back up before anyone noticed! LOL!!! Of course, when your 6- you can't wrap a present to save your life!:angel::lol: So excited for you though, whenever you get to open that box, it will be so exhilirating!!!
  4. you can't.

    slip your hubby a rufie, open the package and close it back up before he wakes. (just don't leave any incriminating drool marks.)
  5. ^LOL, DQ you are funny...this is exactly what I would do, too!
  6. Me TOO!!!!! No way that box could be anywhere NEAR my house without me on a scavenger hunt for it!!!!

    Omg......I'd need a few Valium to get me through!!!!!!
  7. Wow...it is worth the wait, but not that kind of wait!!!! That will kill!!!
  8. How exciting! But yes, seriously no one can leave an Hermes box n their house unopenend! Let alone for 2 weeks!!!! Even we want to see what you get!

    Sneak in, open it up take pics!, seal it back then post pics please! :yahoo:
  9. There was on orange box under my Christmas Tree a few years ago for a whole FOUR WEEKS........bloody DH, he DOES torture me......

    It was a scarf, but he got them to put it in a belt box....cheeky bugger....the staff at my boutique LOVE a good secret! And do you know I went in there a week before CHristmas, and they never even hinted - !!!!

    I did have a shake of it though.......
  10. Yes you can't. I would do exactly what dressage queen suggested :P

    Congrats msbroberts! Your MIL is wonderful!!! :yes:
  11. LOL - I'm with Jag - I'm the one who would sneak a peak and re-wrap as well... my DH now has to hide all my big gifts on me!
  12. OMG! That's just cruel!
  13. How exciting!! Congrats msbroberts!!:yahoo:
  14. TWO WEEKS? No way I could do it! No Way. Okay, here's the deal. You have to take a picture of the shipping box and post it. Maybe we could at least figure out Birkin, JPG or Kelly depending on the size of the box... Where's an X-ray machine when you really need one?!
  15. YEAH!!! Lets GUESS what it is - how fun!!!!!!!!!