Hyperventilate City! OMG! Info on Denim Cabas

  1. Hey PFers! I just sauntered through Saks again (who am i kidding, i made a beeline for the Chanel boutique :p ) and asked bout the DENIM COCO CABAS coming out for Spring but which they had no sample of at the Trunk Show.

    Price - $1,295

    Size -- a little smaller than leather one out now....

    Color - Dark blue denim (not medium blue like I said previously)

    Details - Big embroidered in yellow CC on front (like the Spring 2006 denim line embroidered CCs) (the CC is just once, not all over)

    yummy :love:

    AND silver dangling charm
  2. Do you have photo of it? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Vicky i so wish i did, they just showed me a pic from their catalogue
    the purse is, i promise you, TDF

    looks just like the Coco Cabas, same shape, same shoulder straps chain, same dangly CC charm, but denim with big CC on front in yellow (not colored in yellow, just outline)
  4. sounds beautiful. i can't wait to see it. is the hardware gold then? i'd assume so since yellow goes with gold more than silver, but it probably looks great though either way. :smile:
  5. Claudia

    Is it just like the Chanel denim flats? If so, the yellow outline is nice and subtle, but the CCs are still quite apparant.
  6. I think the Seattle Nordstrom is supposed to get about 16 of them so if anyone wants one, I would definitely call them.
  7. jeez, to me it sounds positively awful.
  8. Easy there tiger :p
  9. Gayle....yes, the CCs are like the ones on your ballet slippers just bigger

    very very adorable

    cuteuserbag...good that you don't like it! there'll be one more then for all the people on the lists!!!! :yes:
  10. oh it must b a beauty
  11. Purse-onality,

    Outlined in yellow? Uhmmmmmm!!!!!! I just spoke to an SA on the 800 number and she said the U.S. boutiques only picked in up in washed denim on aged gold hardware. Do not know if this is actually accurate. I am still trying to get this oulined in yellow in my mind. Would that not clash with a lot if things? Don't know just need to see a picture. I sure hope that gold CC on this bag does not peel and tarnish like the CC on some of the khaki color bags. If I am able to get a bag, I will tell my SA that if that CC starts to look strange in any way it will be returned to her postage paid by Chanel when it arrive at her boutique. If you say that it is TDF, I am sure it will be fine. Outlined in yellow , uhmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think they are using yellow thread to outline the the CC's so it looks like the stiching on jeans. I would love to be inside Karl's head
  13. Ktown...Medina is right..its yellow stitched thread, so its subtle enuf that it won't clash...if you have seen the denim Chanel ballet slippers with the yellow stitched CCs on the toe, that's the same technique as on the denim bags...i didnt ask the SA what color the hardware was..............but since i'm always there, :nuts: i will ask her and let you guys know! It really is gorgeous but then again, i love high end bags in denim....(as well as leather and patent vinyl lol)
  14. Thanks guys, now I feel so much better. SA on 800 number said smaller than the 1295 is a bit smaller than the vinyl. Now, to the next concern!!!!!! I always stay away from any Chanel in fabric because I worry about stains. Can you see someone eating food with red sauce and it just happens to land on your denim bag? OMG, call out the troops!!!!!!!!!!! I will await more information. Would love to see a picture. You guys are great, so nice to have people who understand a love for beautiful things.

    Would you please ask your SA if the bag will actually be available in regular denim aged silver hardware on black ?800 number said boutiques only picking up denim on aged gold hardware. Thanks , gotta go will check in later this afternoon.
  15. The CC in yellow is not outlandish. It is almost like the yellow stitching on most dark denim jeans.