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  1. Looking for a skincare line or just about any product that would help with hyperpigmentation. I have tried several lines but I have not see any improvements.
    I have tried from ORIGINS most recently but I did not see any improvements, tried some Caudalie products as well..... I have very stubborn hperpigmentation that I would love to lightened...any suggestions.
  2. You have to get it from a doctor but Obagi is great for it. For the best results you should stop least get a Rx for Tretonin...at least that's what my doctor says.
  3. I agree with the Obagi recommendation! Their products cleared up the melasma on my forehead relatively quickly (maybe 4 months). Better than lasers actually! I think it's their combination of a hydroquinone product (suppresses the pigment) and a retinol treatment ( peels off the dead, discolored skin) that makes it so effective.
  4. A Vitamin C serum works wonders. A Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid formulation is optimal. Just make sure to monitor the serum for oxidation (refrigeration and low light exposure is recommended) and to wear sunscreen (which you should be doing, whether you're using vitamin C or not anyway) everyday. Efficacy, stability, pH levels, and your skin's reaction to the serum are highly dependent on the formulation of the serum and the kind of vitamin C (or Vit C derivative) used, so do your homework before taking the plunge.
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  5. Obaji Blend, Clear, and Exfoderm combined with Retin-A should sort it out.

    I use the Blend and Generic Retin-A mixed together at night and Exfoderm in the morning after applying Vitamin C and my sun spots are gone. Took about 4 months to see improvement.

    You must use really good sunscreen with these products.
  6. Try Shea Moisture African Black soap. You can get it from the drugstores and online from the SheaMoisture website. I also use Palmers cocoa butter.
  7. I have seen great results with frequent chemical peels (Kojic acid mixed with TCA), SPF 50, Fish oil tablets and Skinceuticals Phloretin CF and Mini Glycolic peel pads (use them every other night)
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  8. I recommend Bliss Incredi-peel
  9. This is actually my first post, ever! I too am looking for something to clear up melasma (primarily on my forehead). I wear vitamin c and sunscreen daily and a retinol at night but it persists, and is probably my biggest skin complaint.

    Now that I've read this and seen other ladies here endorse Obagi, I think I'll going forward and getting the Obagi Blue Peels this fall. As far as I know it's a product that can only be purchased and/or performed inside a medical professional's office...either an esthetician or dermatologist. Whether or not this is true I am not sure. My skin is extremely sensitive so I would be smart to proceed with any sort of chemical peel under the care of someone who knows what they are doing!

    Lately I've been wondering if I should change my birth control (been on BCP for yeeeeears now and I am approaching 35). They have always worked so well for me and I always thought done wonders for my skin although I have read reports that claim the estrogen can actually cause or worsen existing melasma. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Well I'm glad I stepped out of the shadows that I have been lurking in for years! Looking forward to sharing my product purchases and reviews and rants as well as raves. :smile:

  10. **add on ** aaah well look at that, this is actually like my fifth post. The other ones were just so long ago I had forgotten.
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