"Hypercolour" hermes scarves?

  1. So, I just heard about these new scarves Hermes is releasing (SA said they were new, in any case!).....large cashmere shawl size that CHANGES COLOUR!! The one she told me about was lilac, and then in certain light changes to turquoise! Sounds fab - anyone seen these yet?
  2. This is odd! Will they be cashmere? What little creature gives the fur (hair?) for that yarn?
  3. GF, not sure if these are the same thing, but could they be the changeant scarves?
  4. I've seen several mousseline ones that change color.
  5. YES! That's the name!!!!!:flowers:
  6. Hi GF, I don't think these are new because I have a friend who had one of these a couple or so years ago. Perhaps they're coming out with new ones? I haven't seen any but I'd love to!
  7. ^LOL, L, my SA probably said they were new thinking it would inspire me to snap one up!!
  8. which one of the color changes are you supposed to match your outfit with?:confused1: how do you know which color will show and when?:P :lol:
  9. Not a problem for me, I mostly wear black!
  10. K, I was at my local H store today and I picked up a new scarf that changes colour according to the light it's exposed in. My SA said it's newly arrived. I could not resist and bought it. It's 100% silk (feels very light) and it opens up to diamond shape and has the words Hermes Paris on it.

    It's called the "Losange MM Mousseline 100% Soie" - Can someone please translate what it means?

    So, I am not sure if it is the same scarf your SA has mentioned to you.



  11. Ooh, very pretty! Congrats and thanks for sharing. I was going to check it out at my store on the weekend as they just got a new shipment but forgot totally!

    Losange means diamond in French, the MM is just the size reference, and the "mousseline 100% soie" means 100% mousseline silk.
  12. ^^ Thanks, Sue! So it's "Diamond" because of its Diamond shape then.

    I too asked to see the changeant large scarves and they are huge - I think it was the 40 x 40 (not sure what my SA said) and it's plain. With one colour on one side and another colour on the other. It's shimmery yet matte. I passed on it because I thought it looked like my Jim Thompson silk cushion covers (duck, don't shoot me)
  13. That is BEAUTIFUL, Mrs S!!! I MUSt get one just like that!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Lovely scarf.

    I rememeber when hypercolor shirts were the thing to wear a friend of my bought a shirt that said 'hipper color, it don't do jack.' :smile:
  15. ^my brother had Hypercolour Undies............ewwww