Hyper Prive

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  1. I did a search and couldn't find anything. Does anyone have the HP yet? They don't look like something I'd like but I'm interested in seeing what they look like on.
  2. ^^

    I know Asha was getting them but haven't seen pics as yet
  3. I'm very curious to see the HP as well...
  4. There's a few modeling pics in the NYC meet up thread.
  5. here you go... they looked GREAT on dc-cutie, but i thought the platform was out of proportion with my small feet...

    i think the best thing would be that you have to try them on first to see the proportion cuz everyone's feet and bodies are different


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  6. Thanks for the pictures! Hm, they actually look good on.
  7. #7 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    I think they still look good on you, Carlinha! They do look closer to the VP on DC-cutie, though.
  8. wow, they look much better on than i expected! very cute!
  9. I tried them on yesterday but didn't buy. They fit like VPs.
  10. What's the differnce in these and the altadama? Is it just the materials?
  11. the altadama is a double platform, and the 2nd platform is exposed... i think it is higher than the Hyper Prive

    the Hyper prive is a concealed platform, single, and just a little bit thicker than the very prive
  12. The Alta Dama has two platforms while the Hyper Prive has only one. The platform is higher than the VP.
  13. Ah yes! I loved the altadamas I bought but took them back as they just felt too high for me :crybaby:
  14. so the heel height is the same? just the platform is higher? that must make the high heels a little more comfortable right?
  15. I think it's:

    Very Prive - 70mm & 120mm
    Hyper Prive - 130mm
    Alta Dama - 140mm