Hyper for Damier Azur...anything, now.

  1. hi all, for some reason I have kicked into gear with the Damier Azur pattern....
    how long is a wait for the speedy30? I am also looking at some small luggage pieces etc etc. It really is a beautiful bag/colourpattern.

    I go back and forth between this site, eBay, LV.com, and eLux.....
    Do you all with your DamierAzur bags love them?
  2. I dunno about the waitlist for speedy 30, but I do know that the luggage pieces are much easier to get (or at least in Montreal here it is). And yes, j'adore mes azurs, good luck with your hunt :biggrin:
  3. does anybody know if the azur will need waitlists by late april?
  4. I love my Azur..........so beautiful.:flowers:
  5. maybe not bvbirdy..but then again I was told back in Dec that there wouldn't be a waitlist after Jan...so if you want one you can put yourself down on one just to be sure!

    unles you like the hunt..kwim?!
  6. I love my Speedy 30 although I haven't used it yet due to the wet weather. I'm not sure how long the waitlist is. For some lucky reason, I placed myself on the waitlist in late January, and the next day my hometown boutique called me to pick it up. Before that, I was told there were more than 100 people on the waitlist in the SF Bay Area alone.
  7. Yes, I absolutely love mine, in fact it's all I use and talk about now :lol: I have the Speedy 25 and it is just so adorable :love: I reaally want the Saleya too in the future. I see the Keepall 55 with strap on elux and have it in my cart in case they run out and a PFer wants it ;)
  8. Keep up with elux...apparantly this weekend it was up there a lot. Luckily I was able to get one early this morning.
  9. My store in Dallas still hasn't gotten any speedies in. When I walked into the store Sat. night there was actually an azur saleya pm on the shelf and when I turned around again to look at it, it was gone! They just fly out of the stores. However, my store did have the small agendas.
  10. I think they are trickling in, you can probably get one pretty quickly.
  11. i love Azur Speedy 30, the colors are great for spring/summer time :smile: Call 866 to see if they can locate a speedy for you. good luck!
  12. seems that some have been popping up on elux here and there, i think about 5-6 this weekend, there was a saleya gm up too. I got my 30 back in Nov and i fell in love and now that its starting to patina i am loving it even more. call 866 and call stores in your area. good luck!