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  1. What does everyone think of Hype bags? I just bought two from Bluefly. They look like really nice quality totes in nice styles.

    I am expecting the watermelon Brettone tote and the small Pigalle tote in sienna.

    Thoughts on either of these bags?
  2. I don't have either of those two bags, but I do have a Hype satchel in lavender. I like it, but don't use it as often as I thought I would because of it's smaller size. It's very durable and I don't worry about having it out on a rainy day. Congrats on your new bags!
  3. I've seen a couple of Hype bags kicking around in TJM. One was a grey tote. If it had silver hardware instead of gold I probably would have bought it.
  4. I bought one and that was it. I wore it once and that was it. Hype seems way too trendy and probably aimed for younger women. Plus it's pretty pricey for what you get. I'd prefer Tano for the same price range and there is better resell value with tano. I can only hope to get rid of the one hype bag I bought and sell it on ebay.
  5. I agree with paintednightsky. I have one Hype bag and I like it because it's such a pretty yellow. But I don't think it will have much resale value at all. If you just want a bag to enjoy for awhile and don't care about retained/resale, they are cute.
  6. You know, I don't have a clutch. It's just not something I think I'd use a lot. Anyway, I did see a cute one at Bluefly that was made by Hype. However, I did resist because I have ordered from Bluefly before and let me just say that the item was less than perfect and leave it at that. That wasn't my only reason. The Hype clutch was $80, which isn't a lot, but for something I'm just not sure about I don't want to spend that much.

    Rhondafaye, can you post your yellow bag on this thread?
  7. Sure. Here it is:

  8. I like the idea of the Hype handbags, but they seem to be selling at strange retail.
    I recently discovered that JC PENNY is now an offical retailer of Hype handbags, which to me is not good...I also have seen some Hype bags at TJ Maxx...I don't know. I used to want one, but now it seems more worth it to get Coach or Tano leather.
  9. Cute bag Rhondafaye. I like the subtle yellow color.

    Our JC Penney store is new too (isn't it funny how every town had a JCP store then suddenly they closed up shop for years and now they're back?) but I've only been in it one time. I'll have to see if our store has Hype bags. Seems like last time I was there, they had the usual junk, Rosetti or whatever they're called and lots of no name ugly bags.
  10. I've had 3 different Hype bags, and I ended up selling all of them on ebay. They were snatched up just a few hours after listing, all of them! and at good prices for me! I was truly amazed!

  11. Hype is a very under rated line. Their shapes and much of their detailing is really sophisticated. They get a bad rap because their "name" just isn't developed toward the right side of the market. But check them out, they have something really great to offer at great prices too, and nice leathers.
  12. I am ok with Hype as a knock about bag. Rondafaye you closet is simply amazing.
  13. Hi Everyone,

    Do you know if Hype is sold in stores in Canada????
  14. ^^
    I have seen a few at Winners (CAnadian version of TJ MAXX)
  15. This has all been helpful. I should get my bags today, I'm leaning towards returning them. Mostly bc I just realized how much I've blown on purses in the last two weeks. Will keep everyone updated.