Hype & Tano bags in rain???

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post!
    But I've been lurking and soaking up all of your knowledge for months now, lol. :tup: Anyway, I just have a quick question. I have a Tano Loveboat in Celeste Blue and a Hype Carmo in Chocolate and I live in the Pacific NW. So our rainy season is well under way (not that it ever truly stops). Is it safe for me to use my bags in the rain?? I'm new to leather bags (transitioning out of true diaper bags, these are sooo much prettier! :drool:) and would love to keep using them this winter if it's safe! I was reading old posts on here about Collonil Nanospray, Apple Guard, Melatonian etc...which, if any, would be best for the types of leather bags that I own? TIA for your advice! :smile:

  2. For sure I know tano is great with water. I didn't even treat it! The other day I splashed a glass of water on it. It was splotched all over and I was sad cuz I had broken in that tano good so it was getting soft. And it ALL dried up without a track! :smile: So I was happy. I need to buy some spray, I was thinking of wilsons so I dont have to worry in the future
  3. Thanks! Makes me feel better. :smile: What type of Tano bag do you have? I think the Loveboat has cloud leather (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong lol), is the leather on yours similar? I haven't seen any other Tano bags IRL.
  4. Any more opinions, anyone? Pretty please? :upsidedown:
  5. I have a tano butane jane, and I don't worry about taking it out in the rain. It's been raining like crazy here, and I've been wearing it under my coat to semi-protect it, but I have gotten water on it and it's been fine. I wouldn't take it out in a downpour because I wouldn't want stuff inside to get wet (the leather is thin), but if I did, I think it would still dry ok.
  6. All I know is tano was crunch leather, dried really good. Why not try wilson's spray? Alot of members use that for leather. Hype I'm not too sure about. I just ordered a hype bag but have yet to get it in the mail. For anything leather I'd just protect it anyway but I've been slacking.
  7. I have a white Hype handbag that is pebbled leather and it's been caught in rain quite a few times and absolutely nothing happened to it. I just wiped it off and the bag was good to go again. The bag is not treated with anything but applegard spray wouldn't hurt.
  8. I use Wilson's spray on almost everything. I've never had the spray stain anything, and I've never had anything I've sprayed get damaged in the rain. My Tano is crunch leather, not cloud, and it stands up to the rain just fine.
  9. Thanks everyone. :tup: I'm going to go ahead and order some spray, still deciding between AG and Collonil, but I'm sure either will work. I've used a bag that had pebbled leather before in the rain with no problems, but the cloud and Hype leathers are so much softer that I wasn't sure how they'd fare. Anyway, thanks again, wish me luck! :p