Hype patent leather bag--need opinions please!

  1. Hi All! I'm considering buying this for my sister. She's 20, loves the handheld, doctor satchel type bags and really likes the patent leather stuff coming out now. Anyway, she is an H&M-Urban Outfitters type of dresser and so I thought she might like this one in lagoon (navy).

    How do you think it looks? It's a Hype bag, "Tess", convertible patent leather bag ($250, 14 x 11 x 6). I like the pleating on the front, but how do you think the hardware looks? Too much, i.e., gawdy? TIA!!

  2. What can I say - I like Hype! Perhaps check out Hayden Harnett too!!
  3. I have my eye on this purse, Emily! I think it's great. I wish I could see it IRL, just to make sure the hardware is OK.
  4. Me too! My local Nordstrom's doesn't have it, but it's on their website. They just don't have it in lagoon though. Bluefly has the black patent on sale for $150 (I think), but doesn't have the lagoon either. Amazon (of all places!) has the lagoon at full price.
  5. I LOVE Hype and the funny thing is that I was looking at this same exact bag on bluefly yesterday except I think bluefly only has the black one. I was seriously contemplating buying it since patent is so in now and it's so cute. I don't think the hardware looks tacky at all but then I guess you would really have to see it in person to confirm that. If your sister is a fan of H&M items, then I can definetly see her loving this purse. Let us know if you get it for her!
  6. The gold accents are a bit much for me, but I wouldn't call it tacky. Just not my taste. What about his Charles David bag?


  7. I saw the matching wallet to this live @ Marshalls (the ones that are on bluefly) I think you should see IRL 1st. The wallets were really aweful in person - super cheap plasticy to the eye & to the touch even though the pix on bluefly looked cute. They felt like would crack any second.
  8. Awwww...really? :sad: I wish I could see it in IRL. Maybe I'll scour Marshalls and see what it looks like. Thanks for the info!
  9. I like Charles David bags! Ironically, I have another Charles David bag that looks similar to this one. When my sister was leaving for college, she went "shopping" in my closet and took it with her to school. It was a soft black patent leather bag with turquoise lining--the lining just popped against the bag.
  10. Definitely try. I was tempted to get the wallet & was so happy I didn't after I saw it live. They did have a couple of cute leather bags thet were not patent. I'd just wonder about the patent bags because the wallets were SO bad.
  11. yikes! cheapy patent is the worst ever! other than that, i would say it's a cute bag and i dig the shape!