Hype on Bluefly...

  1. Morning Everyone... :smile:
    I was just searching through Bluefly and I came across this brand called Hype. I was wondering if any of you experts have heard of this brand, seen them irl, liked or disliked the products. They look really cute and I am a BIG BAG kind of girl, love big big bags. If you guys could let me know that would be fantastic!! I put some pictures in so you could see...


    What do we think?? I really kind of like them, but I want to know if they are well made... THANKS :p
  2. I haven't purchased any Hype bags thought I have checked them out, but I've got a few pairs of Hype shoes and I rather like them, particularly for the cost.
  3. Yeah that is what I noticed too. I mean the descriptions all say leather and they look beautiful, most all of them have the matching wallets too. And
    I :heart: the price. I have been making some expensive purchases lately and I need to slow down a bit. I just want to know what people think of the quality. I like the shoes too though, I may have found my new obession. I just can't get enough of purses!!!
  4. I have a HYPE handbag from several years back--it is all leather with cotton canvas lining, and is very well made. My bag has very clean stitching and construction and was mistaken several times for a Kate Spade bag. I actually used it quite a lot back then and it has held up quite nicely.
  5. i have an orange hype handbag i got on sale at DSW about 2 years ago. the leather is very soft and the bag is overall well made. substantial hardware (important to me! :p) and cute lining.
  6. I have a beautiful not-quite navy bag from Hype that has a little bit of grey in the color with the most amazing plaid lining that I got about 2 years ago. Seems like every time I wear it, I get a compliment on it. You can't beat the leather on it.....it's called a Marlowe, and I just love it. I picked it up at Marshalls or TJMaxx for, I think $109 or something like that, at the time. Hype is a good brand. I think you can get them at DSW, too.
  7. Awesome feedback ladies...thank you so much!!
  8. I have had several Hype bags and loved them! They were great quality and and leather was soft, but structured. I am definitely a fan and think they are a great quality bag at a great price. :tup:
  9. i was just looking at a Hype bag & wallet this morning. The leather was surprisingly nice for the price! i was very tempted by the wallet because the leather was soft and smooshy. it's a good value.
  10. I :love::love::love: my hype bag :yahoo:

    Im actually using it today :p

  11. wow i had no idea that they were really popular, I was just talking to a coworker about them and she said she had 5...I can't beleive I was not introduced to Hype long ago!! I am totally getting them now, oh and as a side note, Bluefly is safe right? I will find authentics there correct???
  12. i have a hype wallet and i really love it. sometimes you can get a good deal on hype bags and wallets at TJMaxx.
  13. Bluefly is legit.
  14. I've seen Hype bags before and have liked them but don't own any. I do own some Hype shoes which I love! Also, I've ordered from Bluefly several times and everything has been legit....easy ordering, no hassels.
  15. i got a hype bag off bluefly this winter. i love the bag and its literally all i carried for like 4 months. i was kinda rough on it, traveling etc. and it held up extremely well! the bags look great and I LOVE the white wallet!