Hype handbags

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  1. I saw a Hype handbag online and I think it's really cute, however I really don't know anything about this brand. It's a black leather hobo style handbag. If anybody owns one of these bags or knows anything about this brand, please let me know. I think these bags have been in TJMaxx, but I'm not for sure. My main concern with any bag is the quality. I want a bag that will last for a while. Thanks!
  2. Anyone heard of this brand???
  3. nevermind... I was confusing Hype with the brand "Hobo"
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    yep, I have a Hype bag too. The quality is great, leather, but really lightweight and comfortable on the shoulder, I love it, it's a great everyday bag!

    I have this one:
  5. I have one Hype bag I bought from Bluefly. I like mine. I think it's good quality for the (sale/discounted) price. I wouldn't pay retail for one, though.
  6. Roxana, I really like your bag and thanks for your comment. I got the Leconte Hobo bag and I really like it, but I was really wondering about the quality and durabilty of the leather. I'm glad you said that your bag is lightweight and durable. That was one of my biggest concerns about this bag. I want a bag that I can use as an every day bag. I tend to put a lot of things my bag. I hope my Hype hobo bag holds up well. I will try to post a pic!

  7. Thanks for your comment. My bag was on clearance. I agree with you, I don't think I would pay full retail price for them either. I always try purchase my bags on sale. :smile: