Hype bags

  1. I bought two bags made by hype with the 70% off coupon from The Fashion Boutique. My discount didnt go through when I placed the order, but I sent them an email and got a response right away that they would give me the discount. I highly recomend them sive there customer service is excellent.

    Anyway, has anyone ever purchased a bag from Hype? How is the leather? Im nervous bc I purchased these bags and I dont know the quality. The first picture is a messenger bag but mine is in black.
    hype1.jpg hype2.jpg
  2. I have the bag in the second pic. I purchased it in red ... it's well made and the leather is very soft and smooshy. I like it ... though I find the straps on the sides a little annoying just hanging out like that. I bought mine on sale as well ... I don't know if I would pay retail for the bag though. Congrats, remember to post pics:smile:
  3. I really like Hype handbags. I wore one to death, but the quality reminds me of Cole Haan. Very nice leather with good hardware and nice ample stitching.
  4. I have one... I like it. I agree -- it's like Cole Haan quality, sturdy.
  5. I have several Hype bags, I really thing for the price the quality is great. It's not a Bulga of course! But I do like the Hype brand. I also bought a couple bags from the sale, already got them! They have great great customer service. Let us know if you like your bags!
  6. Thanks for the info. I was afraid that the bags were going to look like ones you would find on the street. I know that the bags won't be of great quality like a kooba or botkier but hey, for a discount from $240 to $72, I couldn't pass.
  7. i don't know them , but cute pic! I like the looks of that! esp if it was on sale!
  8. I have seen a cute hype bag on sale at Nordstrom's rack and also tuesday morning for under $60 bucks - both were super cute but a bit too trendy for me - it's probably more for a younger gal...but the quality was super nice and good quality!