Hype bags???

  1. Does anyone own one? What do you think of it? I was noticing on a couple of websites while i was scoping out bags, i came across quite a few that looked nice.

  2. Nothing great. As the name says, just hype lol The leather isn't that great imo and money isn't worth full price unless you get in on sale.
  3. that is exactly what i wanted to hear - they seem really trendy - i maybe purchasing my first hayden harnett - i am very excited!
  4. check out more Hype bags, they have great details, decent leather, and terrific shapes too.
  5. I think Hype bags are a good deal for the price and you can usually find a lot of them on sale. They have different styles and details which make them a little trendy sometimes but you can find basic/classic looking bags too.
  6. I liked the look of several Hype bags when I saw them on line but when I saw one in person I was glad I didn't get one. I was not impressed with the way they were constructed (I recall unfinished edges inside) or the materials.
  7. I dunno, i really like the one Hype bag that i have. The leather is so smooshy soft! I could see where they might be "trendy." I'm 18, so i think it works fine for me, but my mom said it was too young for her. Also, i got mine 50% off on Bluefly, i would never have paid >$200 for it.
  8. you can find hype handbags at tuesday morning....
  9. I think they are good bags, and good quality for their price. I've gotten the ones I have for $100 or under. The leather and craftsmanship are definitely worth $100. I haven't found a better bag for being so cheap. The ones I have are simple shapes and styles though, nothing trendy.
  10. I have one hype bag that I love. It was my first "expensive" bag and I paid about $90 at Marshalls(I believe the retail was like $180). I don't think they're the *best* quality, but if you look at retail compared to other brands of leather, they're a great value. The handles on mine started cracking after about a year of constant use and abuse (but then again, so did my Marc by MJ which is all canvas with leather handles and double the price..), and even now it's not bad. The leather is nice and smooshy, and I got a lot of compliments on mine. I haven't used mine in quite some time, but I do think it's nicer than several of my coach bags. I would say it's definitely a bargain for the value, especially because they're always at stores like Marshall's. I just wouldn't expect it to be comparable to a $700 bag.