hype bags???

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  1. I like the color and the price isn't bad for a wallet and bag (though I don't know about the quality of Hype bags).
  2. i havent heard of it very much.. i'd be nice ti have something that nobody else does.. lol.. i need a red purse but i dont want to spend a lot in one since i only need it for one day.. thanks for the heads up
  3. i had the bag before. very good quality bag.
  4. i have an orange westshire satchel hype bag i got on sale at DSW last spring. i love it and used it all last summer. the brass hardware on my bag is nice and the leather is very soft. the leather on my bag scratches easily, but i think it's great for a casual, everyday bag. here's a picture of it from zappo's. check out zappo's for some more styles and pictures of hype bags.

  5. I've seen Hype at Marshalls and DSW, and I think they are pretty nice-looking for the money.