Hype bags starting at $52 on Amazon!!!

  1. Amazon's got an awesome deal on some Hype handbags, anywhere from 70% to 50% off!!
    Also you can get an extra $20 off $100 purchase of select bags (Hype included) use coupon code BAGS8020

    Since Amazon's description of handbags leave much to be desired, I've dug around and found the corresponding items on BlueFly for a better idea of what the bags look like carried...
    Some of the better deals:
  2. you are sweet to go through all the trouble with links etc. Thanks!!! i'm off te peek
  3. thanks dollyrusso :smile:
    I did it mostly for myself LOL :biggrin: I even have a spreadsheet whenever I spot deals and have the links all outlined... yes, I'm obsessive-compulsive :biggrin:
  4. Oh LOL!! I am jotting stuff down at work alllll day but so far I haven't gotten to spreadsheet OCD ....well yet....But I spout off sale info like Rainman
  5. I am so incredibly tempted to buy the everest. I have one hype bag but it is a metallic leather. Does anyone know how the regular leather on hype feels?

    Thanks for the post! :smile:
  6. Do you like the Murana tote? I always need a second opinion, and I trust all of yall's taste :smile:
  7. hmm... the ones that I do have are OK.. IMHO their leather's not as smooshy (love this word) than HH and the like... The pebbled leather ones are stiffer than usual... but then my bags are older, and the new crop the leather looks a lot more slouchy.
    I want the Everest satchel too but not really in the market for a bronze one (though it looks gorgeous! the Bluefly pics are better!)... sorely tempted and might wake up tomorrow and still decide to get it ;)
    too good a steal to pass up!
  8. Thanks for the review on the leather! I guess I'll pass then. I'm still hoping something I like pops up on the HH sale. Even though the sale is a good deal, I'd rather spend more on smooshy leather and I know the little cheap sale bags add up in the end.
  9. There's an Amazon code too for $20 off $100 on bags, it's BAGS8O2O
  10. wow! thanks for the work!
  11. [​IMG]
    Hype Tessa Clutch<!--aoeui-->

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    </TD></TR><TR><TD class=productLabel>You Save:</TD><TD>$77.00 (70%)</TD></TR><TR><TD class=productLabel></TD><TD class=tiny></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

  12. great deals, thank you!
  13. I'm also tempted with the Everest and Chervina. I'm divided on getting the Assago as it's seems like a cross between Balenciaga and Mahala. It's really too good to pass up. But I promise my DH to keep to my purse ban. How do I buy them (On his credit card) without him getting mad at me???
  14. Wow! Thanks for the post!